Bureau of Rodent Control

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Notified About

  • 4512 N Albany Ave Chicago, IL 60625, USA - Albany Park
    There has been a rat running through our yard and our neighbors yard at night. It usually runs into our neighbors yard and disappears so I am guessing there is a nest
  • 930 W Sheridan Rd Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 44
    There is an active rat nest in the front yard at the fence line just east of the entrance gate
  • 4701 N Malden Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 46
    Constant trash in alley. Attracts rodents
  • 5959 W Lawrence Ave - Portage Park
    Garbage overflowing with food and rats daily
  • 3520n. Lake Shore Dr Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    Though our building has an aggressive rat abatement program, the buildings on both Brompton and Cornelia that face the back of our building have a very active rat population that overruns our back area. it is particularly concerning when I am bringing out recycling as large Rays are all around our dumpsters though they scurry into holes along the sidewalk of the buildings next door. Can you help please?
  • 4639 N Drake Ave North Side - Albany Park
  • 750 West Montrose Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    Broken Windows, non secured property ( fencing down) trash and garbage ( cage 1) attracting rodents. Baiting will not help until the food is removed.Concrete failing ( third floor). Property violates a number of Vacant Building Code Violations. Not one code violation is listed on the Web page of the Department of Buildings? Remarkable considering the quantity and quality of complaints from residents of the area.
  • 4750 N Magnolia Ave Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    We have seen multiple rats running through the parking lot in the past few weeks.
  • 4540 North Lawndale Avenue Chicago, IL 60625, USA - Albany Park
    Rats spotted on east side of ALLEY of 4540 N Lawndale Ave
  • 4643 N Central Park Ave Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    Open garbage container, rats becoming issue around this building.
  • 3855 West Montrose Avenue Chicago, IL 60618, USA - Irving Park
    Many rats in alley
  • 4454 N Malden Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46

    Large rats nest in public parkway located in front of
    4454 N Malden. Two entrances to rats nest in public parkway plot located at southwest corner of Sunnyside & Malden mall.

    Will mark entrances by light poles with bright duct tape.
    Please note: child safety endangerment since kids play by this spot every day. Also Safe Passage way.