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  • No Recycling Archived
    4905 N. Glenwood Ave Chicago, Illinois - Lower West Side

    Still no recycling pickup for apartment complex 4905-4915 N. Glenwood Ave. as mandated for multi-unit residential buildings.
    See and

    Would be really nice if the city would enforce this ordinance. When can we expect this to be fixed?

  • Clarendon & Lawrence Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46

    Can we get Big Belly or twin garbage/recycling like at Millenium Park here? No recycling option, chronic overflow.

    Threw the garbage from the top into own trash again, but can insert needs to be lifted & area below it cleaned out.

  • 816 W. Lakeside Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    Dumpsters at this address often overflow. Recycling, construction remnants, and garbage mixed. Concrete chunks thrown onto property of neighboring building to east.
  • 3149 W Argyle St Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
  • San Code Archived
    3441 W. Belle Plaine Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 33
    This apartment building, which has at least 16 units, only has one garbage bin and it is frequently overflowing. Neighbors have seen rats in the alley, which we suspect may be due to this problem. In addition, the residents of this building don't have anywhere to put their recycling and the leave it next to the garbage cart. The building owner has been observed fly dumping his recycling into residential homeowners bins across the alley.
  • 920 N Elizabeth Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 27

    numerous gang tags on the following areas/locations:

    1. garbage bins and dumpsters in alley that runs between Walton and Elizabeth streets (purple heart shapes, rival gangs tagging over each other)... alley runs behind st. Boniface church.

    2. tags on light poles from Augusta to Chicago avenues (noble to highway). in particular, the light pole on Elizabeth st. at alley between Chestnut and Walton

    3. numerous tags on abandoned church (fences, building, scaffolding) at 901 N. Noble (st. Boniface)

    4. gang tag on sidewalk near northeast corner of Eckhart Park (on south side of Chestnut street, across from 1302 W. Chestnut)

  • 760 West Wilson Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    The number of homeless living under the Wilson underpass at Lake Shore Drive is out of control. I've been told they can't be moved unless they're completely blocking the sidewalk. There is space to walk on the sidewalk but who wants to do that when both sides of the underpass are lined with tents, blankets, garbage and people. Let's make a deal: clear one side of the underpass and send those people down to the Oak Street underpass. Then we'll see how long it takes the city to solve the problem and we can use the same solution here.
  • 816 W. Lakeside alley, Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    Furniture & mattresses dumped in alley just east of 816 W. Lakeside. BED BUGS written all over. Dump area is right next to apartment windows & porches with furniture.
  • 3621 W. Ainslie Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    Dog waste in front of building on lawn and sidewalk/garage piled outside of dumpster. Residents in this building let their dog go on the sidewalk and lawn in front of this building and often throw garbage out their windows attempting to hit the dumpster which often just breaks and messes up the alley and nearby sidewalk.
  • 1455 N California Ave Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 26
    The food truck at the corner of LeMoyne and California runs a gas powered generator that is loud and disruptive. The fumes are also a problem. They dump their oil into the sewer, and it is generally an eyesore at the entrance to our park. Garbage is strewn about. Their management does nothing to fix the problems.
  • 4654 North Kenmore Avenue Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 46
    Ongoing issue. With garbage in alley outside of overflowing dumpsters. Dumpster is full by Thursday landlord has pick up scheduled once per week. tenants and restaurant are leaving trash in alley and lids are left open. Property manager sign not on commercial retail building with 12 + residential units. Building has multiple address and located at the North east corner of Leland and Kenmore. Contains B&Q Afro roots cuisine.
  • 6449 N Rockwell St Chicago, IL 60645, USA - Chicago Ward 50
    house has broken windows, graffiti and has become a dumping site for garbage. Property is an eyesore and a hazard as people sometimes break in to smoke and use drugs. please help!