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  • John F Kennedy Dr N Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
    The on and off ramps to the GSP at 148 are attrocious; Every time I pass through the area I have to slow down to about 5 MPH and the car behind me nearly rear ends me. Be extra careful not to blow your tire out especially at night or during a rain storm. This is one of the most heavily travelled exits on the GSP - either Bloomfield or the Parkway Authority needs to step up and fix this problem.
  • Shoveling Archived
    58 Warren Street Bloomfield, NJ - Bloomfield

    I am making this request for my elderly landlord for the upcoming storm on 2/13.


  • Bellevue Ave Bloomfield, NJ - Bloomfield
    Worst area of potholes I have experienced in 5 years of commuting down this street. Stretch of Bellevue between Brookdale Park entrance and Broad St (at ShopRite) has many, deep and treacherous holes. Some have been poorly repaired, very heavy traffic tears up road constantly. COUNTY SERVICES, PLEASE DO YOUR JOB and repair this before someone loses control, damages axle, or swerves into oncoming traffic. Unacceptable response from multiple road repair requests.
  • 2-50 Shelter Pl Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield

    This is not Belleville and our neighborhood is not a billboard for you to advertise your apartments for free. Spend the money to advertise on legitimate media and quit littering in our town.

    Attention Janice Maly and other officials: It's easy to catch these criminals. Their phone number appears on every sign.

  • North 15th Street Bloomfield, NJ - Bloomfield
    Between 1st Ave. & Abington Ave. The middle of the street they very rarely cleaned the snow so it can't be from the trucks..I swerve almost hitting parked cars. Then just before Abington Ave. another one...I'm at 155..Thank you
  • 222 Ashland Ave Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
    Road in dire need of repaving; many potholes.
  • 2-42 Lackawanna Pl Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
    The road from Washington to Farrand & Lackawanna Place is HORRIBLE. The whole area looks like a bombed out shell of its former self. The road is going to cause many broken rims, flat tires, broken axles and I am sure much more. The least the township could do is make the roads bearable while they try to decide how to re-develop the downtown area.
  • Pothole alert Archived
    1054-1074 Broad St Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
    Broad and Watchung- right lane when going south. Adjacent to the bank.
  • 108-112 Maolis Ave Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
    blinking light at corner of Ashland and Maolis - the red blinker on the Ashland side has been out for months
  • POThole Open
    185 E Passaic Ave Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
    Its there
  • 17-19 Bellevue Ave Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
    A long string of potholes all along this road.
  • W Circuit Dr Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
    The newly planted Brookdale Park trees that were conceived to be a sound border from the dog park, are all dying of thirst. Most Brookdale Park green thumbers are scratching their heads, wondering what the heck the county was thinking by planting trees and shrubs under much larger trees that denies their smaller cousins from much needed rain. Indeed after 2 weeks of planting, most of the trees are already stressed from lack of water. An informal count of 127 such trees and shrubs were planted without any access to a water source. As one news program declares, "Its Your Money"--and the incompetence is maddening too! One would have thought the natural sound barrier the county was planning would have been planted adjacent to the dog park fence, which has a much open area for rainfall, and would have provided a visual barrier to the garish cyclone doggie fence.