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  • Snow Archived
    16 Henry St Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
    The snow on the corner is a blind spot and only one car can drive on the street at a time as if its a one way
  • (potholes) Archived
    193 Watsessing Ave Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
    There are a number of potholes on Watsessing Ave. With each pothole it shakes the surrounding houses and stirs up gravel and rock causing the street to be minefield. The holes are so bad that when the delivery trucks drive by they bounce in in one case knocked down a near by fence.
  • 2-42 Lackawanna Pl Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
    At the stairs on the Washington St end.
  • 96 Overlook Terrace Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
  • 254 Hoover Avenue Bloomfield, NJ - Bloomfield
    The signal timing for traffic traveling West on Hoover through the JFK intersection has been broken for about a week now. Both mornings and evenings when I travel through the intersection, Westbound traffic on Hoover is significantly backed up, sometimes almost all the way to the Parkway entrance. This is a recent development as the traffic has been moving great up until now. Westbound traffic needs more than what seems like only 12 seconds!
  • Bellevue Ave bloomfield, New Jersey - Bloomfield
    Section of road between Brookdale Park and Broad St has been in terrible shape for years, following a feeble attempt last winter to fill in gaping potholes. Please resurface the entire section, mostly on westbound side (approaching Broad St).
  • Watchung Avenue & Garden State Parkway Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
  • 130 N. Spring St. Bloomfield, NJ - Bloomfield
    The cars always race down this stretch of N. Spring between Gillespie and Valentine. We need speed bumps up here... someone is going to be badly hurt or killed... there is a school at corner of Valentine and there are no warning signs either. Due to parked cars and the speeders, we are at significant risk when we back out of our driveways!
  • Broad Pothole Archived
    Bellevue Ave Upper Montclair, Morris County, NJ - Bloomfield
    Large pothole on Broad St at Shoprite exit
  • Bellevue Avenue At Broad St Bloomfield, NJ - Bloomfield
    Please remove the ice/snow from the Bellevue Ave intersection at the light. Left-only turning lane is partially blocked, and opposite direction is ice covered for cars making right from Broad onto Bellevue. Poor snow removal after the big storm caused this, and zero followup by Bloomfield (and Montclair) to clear all the main and side streets is a continuing problem.
  • 109 N. 15th Street Bloomfield, New Jersey - Bloomfield
    location: 1st Avenue (between N. 17th Street and N.15th Street) requesting street to be repaved. For months potholes are just being patched up over and over again. This solution is not working. Please fully repair the problem.
  • John F Kennedy Dr N Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
    On and off ramps are almost not navigable