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  • Corner Of Franklin And Harrison - Bloomfield
    Store on corner of Franklin and Harrison produces constant trash on both Franklin and Harrison. All other vendors in the area clean up their trash. Store should also be required to post a store name sign.
  • 134 Bay Ave Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield

    **Update 12/15/11**
    Today at this intersection I witnessed two opposing cars begin rolling into the intersection while under the red light in order to beat each other. It looked like a game of chicken. The left turner cut off the straight away person, narrowly missing a pedestrian crossing Broad St. to get to the bus stop on the corner. This intersection is a tragedy waiting to happen!! Bloomfield, please DO SOMETHING!!
    The "left turns yield" law seems to be completely invalid at the intersection of Broad and Bay. Drivers turning left onto southbound Broad Street from westbound Bay St routinely roll into the intersection before the light turns green, and cuts in front of drivers heading east on Bay. This morning, *two* drivers cut across and the second one may even have been a police officer in his personal vehicle since there was a shield in the window. Are there different left turn laws in Bloomfield? To alleviate this problem, would it be possible to install a brief, 3-second left turn arrow in both directions, similar to the short arrow on eastbound Bloomfield Ave at Valley Rd. in Montclair?

    Alternatively, could Bloomfield begin enforcing the law by positioning an officer at the corner?

  • Grace St Bloomfield, New Jersey - Bloomfield
    Street seriously is in need of repaving. living here 35 yrs and the street has never been repaved. Ella was done 3 years ago with new curbing
  • Franklin St & Municipal Plaza Bloomfield, NJ - Bloomfield
    The traffic signal for NB Franklin St on the NE corner of the intersection is out of sync with the other two signalheads in that direction. When I approached last night, the two southern signals were red, but the NE corner one was still green. This can be very confusing and create a dangerous situation.
  • 69-89 Llewellyn Ave Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
  • Carteret Street Bloomfield, NJ - Bloomfield
    Street pole has been out for one month
  • 5 Glenwood Avenue East Orange, NJ 07003, United States of America - Bloomfield
  • 32 Monroe Pl Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
    Utility pole is leaning as of the October snowstorm's knocking out nearby tree limb. Monroe is closed from Spruce St and power lines to homes are stretched and may break if that utility pole leans any more.
  • 27 Park Place Bloomfield, NJ - Bloomfield
    The concrete is significantly damaged relative to the adjoining sidewalk. A handicapped person would likely be impeded in their use of said ramp.
  • 32 Fremont St Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
    They must have used a smaller plow, or a private company because our mohawk isn't even wide enough for a full size car!