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  • 600 798 E 9 Mile Rd Ferndale, MI 48220, USA - Ferndale
    I have seen cars driving in the bike lanes on Hilton, both to make turns and using them as a second traffic lane (today it was a dark Chevy Venture, plate PTE INC). Possibly consider installing vehicle deterrents at major intersections.
  • 100 Fielding St Ferndale, MI 48220, USA - Ferndale
    This traffic light allows just 10-15 seconds for neighborhood traffic, but 3-4 minutes for Woodward traffic. The traffic flow allows for more frequent signal changes, while keeping them short. I know, because I sit at this light every morning, 5 days a week.
  • 8 Mile Rd Ferndale, Michigan - Ferndale
    Come on City of Ferndale what is going on with the 8 mile bridge I know it is a constant issue but come on its really bad right now. It looks like the city dump is there now
  • Woodward And 9 Ferndale, Michigan - Ferndale
    Tossing asphalt into pavers is not ok. Fix it correctly.
  • Leroy St & Pinecrest Dr Ferndale, MI 48220, USA - Ferndale
    the pedestrian crossing sign at Pinecrest and Leroy has never been fully wired or activated and the road is not well striped. we miss our stop light, but if it's not coming back we at least need a working crosswalk light and marked crosswalk. thank you for your attention to this.
  • 1960 Pinecrest Drive Ferndale, Michigan - Ferndale

    Please put a stop sign or a traffic signal at the intersection of Pinecrest and Breckinridge.

    This is to document another driver running through the crosswalk while me and my daughter were in it.

    At about 7:10pm, my daughter and I were in the crosswalk, while the crossing lights were flashing. An approaching driver on Pinecrest honked their horn multiple times without slowing down to tell us to get out of the way. They started from some distance away where they could have stopped safely if they had applied their brakes. I pulled her back onto the curb as the driver drove through.

    These crossing lights are ineffective. There are not enough drivers who understand what to do. Ferndale is supposed to be a walkable community. These crossing systems make it risky to walk across Pinecrest if you are a pedestrian.

  • 1287 Hilton Rd Ferndale, MI 48220, USA - Ferndale
    The drain at the dog park is stopped up and is draining very slowly. might need to be plunged or snaked. I think some of the recently laid wood chips might be clogged in there.
  • 224 W 9 Mile Rd Ferndale 48220, United States - Ferndale
    overflowing recycling/trash bin in downtown ferndale. unsightly.
  • RV not moved Acknowledged
    2023 Almont Street Ferndale, Michigan - Ferndale
    I know who the car belongs to but, they don’t care. They have left a giant RV in the street unmoved for over 48 hours now. What do we do about having this moved? It doesn’t hardly even run. Just enough for them to have moved it to the street.
  • 1250 Pearson Street Ferndale, Michigan - Ferndale

    This telephone pole has been sitting on side of property near 1250 Pearson for over a year. Needs to either be installed or remove. Please take appropriate action immediately.

    Thank you!

  • Abandoned Car Archived
    1300–1498 Northway St Ferndale 48220, United States - Ferndale
    Car has been abandoned since early May
  • Grass & Weeds Archived
    Address Unavailable - Ferndale
    Over the last 12 years landlord of 242 East Hazelhurst duplex refuses to have his yard crew trim his fence line. As a result there are dozens of 10 foot trees and vining weeds growing into and over the fence line destroying his neighbors shrubs, trees, and garden. It is also becoming a haven't for rodents