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  • Allen St Buffalo, NY 14201, USA - Allentown
    On Allen Street, between College and Marinier, there are two empty tree beds. They have been this way for at least 2 years and the weather has worn down the dirt to create huge holes between 6" and 8". One of the holes now has a large chunk of concrete sticking out of it. With the active night life of this area, it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured.
  • Sobieski Street Buffalo, New York - Broadway-Fillmore
    The population on that street keeps increasing by the year.There is a mosque on that street as well which is in use 5 times a day. That street is in real bad shape. It needs to be fixed. A new pothole occurs every now and then.
  • need plowing Archived
    234-246 Sobieski St Buffalo, New York - Broadway-Fillmore
    roads needs plowing
  • 103 Central Park Plz Buffalo, NY 14214 - Leroy
    A decaying plaza that is a direct result of a out of town landlord that uses it for tax break(at least I think).
  • 3500 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14226 - Waterfront
    Plaza in the University Heights with significant stores drawing college students and community members -- yesterday evening (off-peak) there were at least five bikes parked precariously with chains and U-bolts around trees, benches and others just lying on the ground in absence of bicycle racks.
  • 34 Oxford Ave. Buffalo, NY - Delaware-West Ferry
    This house has vagrants living there. Drug dealers also broke into the back for their use. The front yard contains lots of trash. Various broken windows
  • 143 Sobieski St Buffalo, NY - Broadway-Fillmore
    dead tree at 143 sobieski st must be removed before its rooted out by high winds this winter.
  • 923-929 Sycamore St Buffalo, NY 14211, USA - Broadway-Fillmore
    Tree at 924 sycamore st danderously shakes at high winds. Will fall if not cut soon. Kids bedroom right under it.
  • illegal dump Archived
    143 Oxford Avenue Buffalo, NY - Delaware-West Ferry
    This empty lot is being used as an illegal dumping ground by the owner, there are rock piles, debris, lumber all over the back of the lot, even an old tombstone!!
  • 142 Oxford Ave Buffalo, NY - Delaware-West Ferry
    Abandoned home is being broken into for illegal drug activity in basement via the driveway of the next home directly north of 142 Oxford Avenue. Top Porch door is broken and flapping in wind!!
  • Grenway Alley Buffalo, NY - Grant Ferry

    Have reported this Alley for over 5 years and the condition just gets worse. Ashland, Breckenridge and Auburn get paved and the Alley neglected. Been here since l990 and sometimes the Alley never even gets plowed. This is our tax dollars at work.
    Trips to City hall and 311 don't cut the mustard. Saving the rats as a gift for the Common Council.

    YAHOO! Grenway Alley has been plowed for the second time since 1990. Now to work on the potholes, rats, garbage, graffiti, etc. Another trip to City Hall is in order.

  • 190 Fillmore Ave Buffalo, NY 14210 - Babcock
    High grass, trash around property, tires