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  • 136 Oxford Ave Buffalo, NY - Delaware-West Ferry
    There is a dresser, a broken chair and other debris all over this front porch
  • 31 Horton Place Buffalo, NY - Delaware-West Ferry
    illegal drug activity, impact on entire neighborhood
  • Where The Stairs Exist Between The Nfta Park And Ride Lot And Shoshone Park - Starin Central
    There is a set of stairs that let people pass between the park and ride lot and Shoshone park. This would be a perfect spot for a bike ramp to bridge the connection from the linear park in the University Heights to Shoeshone park space and Hertel avenue.
  • Scajaquada Expy Buffalo, NY 14208, USA - Hamlin Park
    Westbound 198 approaching Kensington/Main viaduct, downed streetlight pole on curb. Been laying there for months.
  • Pothole Archived
    1542-1700 State Highway 384 Buffalo, NY 14209, USA - Albright
    Pothole in southbound lane (left lane) Please fix.
  • 190 Fillmore Ave Buffalo, NY 14210 - Babcock
    High grass, trash around property, tires
  • 2-98 Gren-Way Alley Buffalo, NY 14222, USA - Grant Ferry
    Alleyway surface in unsafe and deplorable condition!
  • Scajaquada Expy Buffalo, NY 14216, USA - Park Meadow
    Huge patch of deep potholes while going around a bend. This is causing cars to be jerked all over & will eventually cause an accident with the guard rail or another car in the next lane.
  • 63 Fillmore Ave Buffalo, NY 14210 - Babcock
    Vacant 2 yrs totally trashed by tenants,condition is now unsavable owner is from Brooklyn Josef Gruenstein, now Chase Manhatten forclosed and are doing mininal upkeep
  • 150 Peter St Buffalo, NY 14207 - Black Rock
    House Falling apart was once a nice home bought by a guy in california named ariel villacorta hes just letting it fall apart please do something!
  • 614 West Ferry St Buffalo, NY, 14222 - Grant Ferry
    Street light in front of 614 West Ferry St. is out. it is in the middle of the block and leaves a large area unlight an dangerous.
  • 928 Lafayette Ave Buffalo, NY 14209, USA - Delaware-West Ferry
    the Oxford-Linwood Neighborhood, in collaboration with Buffalo CityCorps, will be having a community cleanup day on Sunday May 1st from 12p-6p. If interested in participating in this event simply comment on this "issue".