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  • 63 Fillmore Ave Buffalo, NY 14210 - Babcock
    Vacant 2 yrs totally trashed by tenants,condition is now unsavable owner is from Brooklyn Josef Gruenstein, now Chase Manhatten forclosed and are doing mininal upkeep
  • East Utica Street Buffalo/ ERIE, NY - Kingsley
    Broken , cracked, or no sidewalks at all. This is of great concern. Often must walk in the streets. East Utica from , 29 up to Fillmore. Michigan Ave from Main to High Street
  • Ontario Street At Skillen Street Buffalo, NY 14207, USA - Riverside Park
    The corner of Skillen and Ontario right at Getty's corner is sinking, everytime they "patch" it the patch does not hold. This needs to be fixed before the city is sued because I know more than 10 people that get bottomed out at this corner.
  • 376 Main St Buffalo, NY 14202 - Central Business District

    Buffalo's failed downtown shopping mall. Built during the America's urban dark age, otherwise known as the urban "renewal" era, this street-killing monstrosity severed Eagle street into two disconnected pieces, imposed a dreadful blank wall along a long stretch of Pearl St. and siphoned stores away from Main St. which was already losing most of its retail to suburban malls and plazas.

    Now, whatever retail existed in this mall is almost completely gone. It's now safe to call Main Place a "dead mall." Many of the vacant stores have been converted into office space, largely for the non-profit and government tenants which have proven to be downtown's bread and butter in terms of office occupants.

    The most benign aspect of this development is the office tower at the southern end of the mall which rises from the base of this massive superstructure. Even then, the need for office towers in downtown Buffalo is questionable enough, given the weak demand for outdated office space.

  • Colvin Ave And Linden Buffalo, NY - North Park
    CSX rail overpass has been damaged by trucks and is not being maintained. It has not been painted or repaired in recent memory and has become an eyesore even though it is a gateway to our neighborhood.
  • 928 Lafayette Ave Buffalo, NY 14209, USA - Delaware-West Ferry
    the Oxford-Linwood Neighborhood, in collaboration with Buffalo CityCorps, will be having a community cleanup day on Sunday May 1st from 12p-6p. If interested in participating in this event simply comment on this "issue".
  • 253 Allen St Buffalo, New York - Allentown
    light pole knocked over a few months ago. still missing
  • 614 West Ferry St Buffalo, NY, 14222 - Grant Ferry
    Street light in front of 614 West Ferry St. is out. it is in the middle of the block and leaves a large area unlight an dangerous.
  • 155 Oxford Ave Buffalo, NY - Delaware-West Ferry
    Black male selling drugs and cigarettes at this address
    Disturbing neighbors, lots of traffic and people in front of house all day long.
    Please check for criminal record
    Others have complained regarding this issue
  • 150 Peter St Buffalo, NY 14207 - Black Rock
    House Falling apart was once a nice home bought by a guy in california named ariel villacorta hes just letting it fall apart please do something!
  • 17 Grenway Alley Buffalo, NY 14222, USA - Grant Ferry
    Grafitti on garage in alley.
  • repaving Archived
    525 Hopkins St Buffalo, NY - Tifft
    whole street needs melting down and repaving. too many potholes filled too many times.