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  • 182-192 Sobieski St Buffalo, NY 14211, USA - Broadway-Fillmore
    There are about three lights not working on Sobieski street... The new poles...
  • 491 Elmwood Ave Buffalo, NY 14222 - Bryant

    This block suffers from constant double-parking by takeout restaurant patrons. The city never seems to enforce such rules on this block.

    Double-parking disrupts the flow of auto traffic and poses serious dangers to cyclists whom are courteous enough to obey the law and ride in the street.

  • 116 Fairfield Avenue Buffalo, NY 14214 - Leroy
  • 220 Wellington Road Buffalo, NY 14216 - North Park
    sidewalk has been damaged by the roots of the city tree and creates a four inch gap. There are alot of children in this area and it is a danger to pedestrians.The sidewalk is raised up three inches from the rest of the walkway
  • Gates Cir Buffalo, NY 00 - Delaware-West Ferry
    The stone seating at the south side of the circle has been knocked from it's ring into the circle (presumably by a vehicular accident)
  • Illegal dump Archived
    35 Richmond Ave Buffalo, NY 14201, USA - Bryant
    The tenants of this home have made a huge pile of garbage in front of the house rather than renting a dumpster. At first it was demolition debris, but now more and more keeps appearing, including a tv, fish tanks and other furniture. It is attracting the attention of many homeless in the area and it seems as though other residents are adding to the mess.
  • 49 Cottage St Buffalo, NY 14201 - Allentown

    Thomas Coatsworth built this house for his bride Electra in 1869.

    It is an extraordinary example of Second Empire style, with a mansard roof and strong Eastlake influences present in the incised decoration in the window hoods and door surrounds. The tower is the tallest part of the structure; rising five stories above ground. Third floor ballroom does provide views of Lake Erie. For a short time an owner was running a woodworking business out of the first floor, a bed and breakfast on the second floor, and had apartments on the third. Fourth floor servants rooms were deemed legally unusable by the city, and fell into disrepair. Foprtunately, the house is now in private hands.

    The Neville coat of arms, under which banner the Coatsworth family served during the War of the Roses, is carved in stone above the entryway.

    In 1899, Thomas Coatsworth built 55 Cottage (next door) for his daughter.

  • 34 Oxford Ave. Buffalo, NY - Delaware-West Ferry
    The rear door was taken down after being boarded up from the Mayor's Impact Team. Vagrants, prostitutes, and drug activity has been seen coming and going. There are a number of children that play in the street in that area and should be a concern for their saftey as well.
  • 2566 Delaware Ave Buffalo, NY 14216 - North Delaware
    Too many people run this light every day, at all hours. Children and families cross this street and take their lives in their hands, but police, politicians and others turn a blind eye to the problem. It's time to STOP drivers to ignore traffic lights!
  • 27 Horton Place Buffalo, NY - Delaware-West Ferry
    Home is being used for drug activity
  • 151 Woodlawn Ave Buffalo, NY 14208 - Masten Park
    Learn more about this place by reading www.fixbuffalo.blogspot.com
  • 1313-1331 Fillmore Ave Buffalo, NY 14211, USA - Mlk Park
    Sign the petition to Save the Olmsted Parks: