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  • 11 Domedion Ave Buffalo, NY - Schiller Park
    Broken sidewalk due to tree roots. stones being thown by kids at near by parked cars. Stones are in grass.
  • 151 Woodlawn Ave Buffalo, NY 14208 - Masten Park
    Learn more about this place by reading www.fixbuffalo.blogspot.com
  • 70 W. Balcom St Buffalo, NY - Delaware-West Ferry
    Deteriorating property, lots of unkept & overgrown grass. Trash in backyard. Garage doors are falling off. Rodents gathering in the backyard.
  • 116 Fairfield Avenue Buffalo, NY 14214 - Leroy
  • 220 Wellington Road Buffalo, NY 14216 - North Park
    sidewalk has been damaged by the roots of the city tree and creates a four inch gap. There are alot of children in this area and it is a danger to pedestrians.The sidewalk is raised up three inches from the rest of the walkway
  • 134 Oxford Avenue Buffalo, NY - Delaware-West Ferry
    House seems to be unoccupied as no one is keeping up the yard and the grass is over 2 feet high. Can we please find out the status of this home and let the office of the councilman know what it is???
  • 34 Oxford Ave. Buffalo, NY - Delaware-West Ferry
    The rear door was taken down after being boarded up from the Mayor's Impact Team. Vagrants, prostitutes, and drug activity has been seen coming and going. There are a number of children that play in the street in that area and should be a concern for their saftey as well.
  • Niagara Thruway Buffalo, New York - Columbus
    Just moved back to the area. Wondering who/how to get the street lights turned on/replaced for the Niagara Street exit? It's so dark in that area that I have often almost missed the exit or at a minimum felt it unsafe. TIA
  • 182-192 Sobieski St Buffalo, NY 14211, USA - Broadway-Fillmore
    There are about three lights not working on Sobieski street... The new poles...
  • 1313-1331 Fillmore Ave Buffalo, NY 14211, USA - Mlk Park
    Sign the petition to Save the Olmsted Parks:
  • 749 Abbott Rd Buffalo, New York - Abbott McKinley
    Theres a hugh length of road in the southbound lane that is destroying peoples car spension. This condition has exsisted for more than 5 years. Please repair
  • More potholes Archived
    809 Abbott Buffalo, New York - South Abbott
    This is another section along south abbott rd that has been deteriorating over 5 years. Its destroying residents suspension. City needs to fix a huge section please