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  • S Oyster Bay Rd Hicksville, NY - Bethpage
    pothole in southbound lane at intersection of Rt. 107 & SOB Rd.
  • 98 Haypath Rd Bethpage, NY - Bethpage
    This section of roadway needs to be skimmed and evened out. Bumps, pot holes, cracks, uneven payment make for an extremely uncomfortable and unsafe ride through the intersection.
  • Central Ave bethpage, NY - Bethpage
    street light at this corner is not working
  • S Oyster Bay Rd Bethpage, NY - Bethpage
    At intersection of Rt 107 & SOB Rd.
  • S Oyster Bay Rd Hicksville, NY - Bethpage
    At intersection of RT 107 & SOB Rd.
  • Powell Ave-Plainview Road @ 135 Bethpage, NY - Bethpage
    driving east on Powell, as driver approached entrance to 135 North, the sign pointing to 135 N ramp is in front of the ramp exiting From 135 onto powell. even though the exiting ramp has do not enter signs where the ramp meets Powell.
    The entrance sign in the picture is installed on the left side of the entrance ramp, directly next to the exiting ramp from 135.
    At night, and especially for those not familiar with the area, can easily make a mistake and make the left turn onto ramp exiting from 135 (going the 'wrong way' ). the entrance sign and arrow should be moved to the other (right) side of the entrance ramp. - note-->image does not fit correctly on this page, click on the image in my comment on the comment page to see a better picture- I can email picture to those interested.
  • 29 Clark St Plainview, NY 11803, USA - Bethpage
    Corner of Clark street and Eileen Avenue also on Clark Street near 26 Clark. Block is very dark!!
  • 2 lights out Archived
    Broadway North Of Lirr Crossing Bethpage, NY - Bethpage
    2 street lights in from of the office for bob and fred's auto body are not working (they are lights #2 and 3 north from the lirr crossing)
  • S Oyster Bay Rd Bethpage, NY - Bethpage
    A number of potholes in north bound lane, immediately past the exit on rt 107
  • Potholes Archived
    801-899 S Broadway Bethpage, NY 11714, USA - Bethpage
    Numerous potholes in right lane.
  • 96-98 Cherry Ave Bethpage, NY 11714, USA - Bethpage
    The street light is out on the corner of Cherry Av and Silber Av
  • Pothole Archived
    S Broadway Hicksville, NY - Bethpage
    Southbound lane at exit from Applebee's, near Lowe's.