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  • We really need some street llight on pretty much this whole area we have alot of people walking after dark and its so dark at times you can't see them until they are a few feet away also since there is no side walks sometimes theres people walking in the middle of the street, It would be greatly appreciated if you can increase patrol especialy on Envoy there always seems to be suspicious activity on that street
  • Highgrove St. And Foothill Pkwy. Corona, CA 92882, USA - El Cerrito (Riverside County)
    There is graffiti on the 35 mph sign located at Highgrove and Keywest. This grafitti has been there for well over a month now.
  • 7424-7482 El Cerrito Rd Corona, CA 92881, USA - El Cerrito (Riverside County)
    Left hand turn light to 15 North ramp takes forever to turn green. The green light for through traffic is staying green for way too long, with no through traffic. Lights ned to be adjusted. Traffic backs up in the left turn lane. It's a wait of about 5 min to get on the freeway with no cars around.
  • 7362-7398 Boyd Ave Corona, CA 92881, USA - El Cerrito (Riverside County)
    silver paint sprayed on wooden fence for 20240 Kayne St.. fence is on Boyd; this has happened twice before by unknowns.
  • 7315 Calico Circle Corona, CA - El Cerrito (Riverside County)
    Block wall behind 7315 Calico Circle (side facing away from property is tagged in several areas).
  • Corona Freeway Corona, California - El Cerrito (Riverside County)
    There needs to be an overhead 'Exit Only' sign for the southbound El Cerrito exit. The only sign that exists, is not only small but too near the exit point to do any good. This causes horrible traffic as everyone who rides the lane all the way up then realizes they then have to exit slows down or stops to get over. This also causes people to unsafely merge into the non exit lane. If drivers were aware that they were in an exit lane prior to 20 feet before the exit they could safely merge well ahead of time.
  • 7500 El Cerrito Rd Corona, California - El Cerrito (Riverside County)
    Field 7 is a muddy mess looks like sprinklers are either over water or busted.
  • 7315 Calico Circle Corona, CA 92881, USA - El Cerrito (Riverside County)
    Goes on and off continuously
  • 7480 Rudell Rd El Cerrito, CA 92881, USA - El Cerrito (Riverside County)
    fix locks on 2 doors in women's restrooms and stall out of order
  • 19835 Bedford Canyon Rd Corona, CA 92881, USA - El Cerrito (Riverside County)

    traffic trying to get onto the freeway is terrible. when going on foothill pkwy towards the 15, the bedford canyon rd. light turns green, only to have the next light on the freeway onramp turn red, and then the next one to try to go on the 15 northbound. TERRIBLE.

    its a waste on fuel and does not help the environment sitting. In fact all the signals on Foothill Parkway need to be timed correctly.

  • 7480 Rudell Road Corona, CA 92881, USA - El Cerrito (Riverside County)
    Graphitti on dugout lattice field 3 & 4
  • Other Archived
    El Cerritoe Sports Park El Cerrito, California - El Cerrito (Riverside County)
    is it possible to have benches reinstalled on the tennis courts. Been missing for about 3 months