New Hyde Park

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There are several stop signs in the area of none are observed.

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  • 2306 Locust Ave Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Ronkonkoma
    There is a whole area in front of this location, almost 20 feet long, that is chopped up. It has some deep holes, missing pavement and is constantly flooded. It makes walking past the house, or parking in front extremely difficult. It has also caused two flat tires from items floating in the still and high waters. It is contantly several inches deep. Cars can not pass without trouble during any storms. Now ice has covered the entire area making it dangerous for the kids walking to the bus stop. They have to walk into the road to pass.
  • 2262 Janet Ave North Bellomre, Ny, 11710 - Ronkonkoma
    in North Bellmore on Columbus ave off Bellmore rd large pothole
    also all along on Janet Ave off Bellmore Rd the sidewalks have not been cleaned so pedestrians are walking on the roads which is very dangerous
  • 263 N 5th Street Ronkonkoma, NY - Ronkonkoma
    My block has not been plowed in 2 days. We are stuck and have elderly people on our block. What is taking so long??
  • Newham Ave Brentwood Ny 11717 - Ronkonkoma

    Let us know how the plows did by you. (plow0127)

    Well, in brentwood the town of islip did a very poor job plowing, not only the secondary streets but also the main roads. On newham ave, i had to do the st plowing because they did not do crap at all. We all pay taxes and should have the same equal services by the town like they do in other areas.

  • 378 Joan St Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Ronkonkoma
    Let us know how the plows did by you. (plow0127)
    Every winter we deal with 2-3" thick ice patches as well as corners that are not cleared properly. It's the same on 5th &13th Ave. Driving over speeds bumps is the only way I can describe what the roads are like, and this is an industrial park that gets constant traffic. Would love to take a different route, but that's the only way out of our development in order to get onto Vets Hwy.
  • Long Island Expy Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Ronkonkoma
    The potholes on the North Service Road of the LIE from Exit 61 to 60, Westbound could literally break your car! They have been this way for years and have not been repaired. This is a very busy roadway and this situation needs to be addressed.
  • Orton Drive East Nothport NY 11731, USA - Ronkonkoma
    Finally Plowed at 3pm, but town of Huntington, none the less not a contractor, piled the snow in such a way they block several driveways (2+ft high)
  • 601-699 Easton St Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Ronkonkoma
    There is construction work (fence installation) going on along the LIRR tracks on Easton Ave and there are about 6-10 workers per day (week of 4/23/12), but nobody is directing traffic. There is only one lane available to cars and both the eastbound and westbound cars attempt to go around the construction not knowing if the other side is waiting or going as well. There need to be workers here directing traffic to make this safer during the construction.
  • Ronkonkoma NY 11779, USA - Ronkonkoma
    One thing I have noticed about ronkonkoma train station is people dump garbage and debris all over in certain areas of parking lot and in the wooded areas also. People are slobs and don't care but it would be nice for the town to maintain the area at least clean up once a month. If you go the the station go towards the end of the lots and wooded areas and you will see. I am not trying to be save the land guy but at least make it clean and cut the grass also.
  • 1-25 Raynor Avenue Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Ronkonkoma
    No Stop sign at intersection of Raynor and S 2nd street. S 2nd Street has a lot of large truck traffic that is routinely speeding down the road.
    The intersection needs a Stop sign.
  • Selden Open
    56 Oakmont Avenue Selden NY 11784 - Ronkonkoma
    Selden Fire Department plows our street but they only plow the side where the one of the fire chief lives and the fire house is located. When I called to complain they said they'll see what they could do. They came by again and made sure to plow us in for complaining. They also plowed another house in for complaing too. If they don't want to plow the street then they should tell Brookhaven town to plow it at least they do the job and don't take revenge on their neighbors.
  • rt 25 Open
    Rt 25 Wading River - Ronkonkoma
    from wading river-smithtown roads have holes uneven roads not enough greens arrows for turning plus turning green arrows are too short for even four cars to get get through lights