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Mayor of West Valley City, UT

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  • Rough Road Acknowledged
    I-215 Southbound From I-80 To 4700 So. Salt Lake, Utah - West Valley City
    I-215 Southbound and Northbound from I-80 to 4700 South is in very rough shape. Are there any plans to improve the road any time soon? I am concerned that this will get ugly during the winter months.
  • 56oo West And 3500 South West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City
    How does this MAJOR intersection not have a right turn lane for WB traffic on 3500 south. Sometimes you have to wait 3-4 lights to turn right! What a waste of gas and emissions. Get your act together UDOT and provide a right turn lane at this intersection. You had enough time to predict this situation.
  • Interstate 201 8000 West Salt Lake City Utah - West Valley City
    I've seen a couple carcass' on 201 8000west salt. Lake city utah .no one has picked them up
  • potholes Archived
    4370 4378 S 4000 W West Valley City, UT 84120, USA - West Valley City
    from 4100 south going north to 3500 south on 4000 west numberous potholes.. too many to count
  • 4465 Mountain View Corridor West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City
    When turning left from 5400 south westbound onto Mountain View Corridor heading southbound, the painted left hand turn is an abrupt almost 90 degree turn, instead of a gentle turn. This Causes you to come much closer than expected to those taking a right hand turn onto Southbound Moutian View Corridor
  • Signage Archived
    2250 S 5600 W West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City
    The new onramp update east bound 201 could use a sign indicating no stop needed for right lane to expedite traffic moving onto the freeway
    The improvements are good, but people continue to stop creating a backup of cars. Or if a stop is required a stop line needs to be painted
  • Belt Route West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City
  • Belt Route West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City
    While traveling SB in the second lane from the left yesterday, 7/20/15, road debris was projected from another vehicle's tire into my vehicle, causing extensive damage to the grill, hood, and headlight areas. The State Trooper who called me informed me that there was no point in filing a police report because nobody else reported damage to their vehicle, and there were no witnesses. However, the damage evident in the photos indicates that a heavy and large piece of concrete from the road (which is in extremely poor condition) impacted my vehicle. The scraping and dents left a gray concrete-like residue.
  • Westridge Blvd & Double Eagle Circle West Valley City, UT - West Valley City
    There are a couple of large potholes on Westridge Blvd that can easily be dodged, but while turning onto Double Eagle Circle from Westridge Blvd the only way to avoid them is to move onto the left side of the road on Westridge and turn onto the left side of the road on Double Eagle Circle.
  • on ramp Archived
    Highway 201 West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City
    Merging into traffic from I-215 to 201 is ridiculously dangerous. There is not enough time to get over before the Redwood Road exit comes up and I have almost been hit at least 20 times in the last year. I have stopped going this way even though it means the difference between getting to work in 10 minutes vs 20 min.
  • Signage Archived
    2100 S 5600 W West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City

    In a previous issue ID: 1397221, I understood this would be signed as "Yield" or "No Stop Required for Right Turn." But the construction is finished and no sign.

    For northbound traffic on 5600 W entering onto 201, why not make a continuous-flow right turn lane (with a yield sign) so that traffic doesn't have to stop? There are 2 lanes on this approach ramp, so a continuous-flow right turn lane would not restrict any southbound traffic trying to enter the approach ramp.

    During rush hour, the northbound traffic on 5600 W can back up for 1-2 miles trying to get on 201. This simple solution could really get traffic moved through that area.

  • 3841 Parkway Boulevard West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City

    Good morning,
    Not sure who to contact, but having nearly been splattered all over Bangerter highway last week, I need to seek help starting somewhere.

    UTA’s route 509 drops and picks up passengers at 3600 W and Parkway Blvd. in West Valley City. That’s a block east of the USANA building. A number of us work at the Intermountain Healthcare complex to the west of Bangerter. We have to cross Bangerter in the mornings and evenings.

    There are no pedestrian signals. The roadway paint does not fully identify a crosswalk. Most importantly, the green signal time is not nearly sufficient for a person walking, even briskly, to cross the street before the light changes and traffic erupts.

    I was recently walking east at dusk and made it just past halfway when the light changed, and a car in the northbound lane launched light a shot toward me. I jumped back to the center area. The driver apparently saw me and slowed, so I started again to finish my crossing. Then, because the right-hand northbound lane of Bangerter was clear, another car traveling at highway speed swung around the slowing car, and did not slow down. I broke into an (almost literal) dead run, changed my angle to shorten the distance and felt the blast of the car barely missing me. Either the driver did not see me, or enjoyed seeing how close he could come.

    So, we need some help. This is nuts. It’s become a staff joke, but to me it’s not so funny anymore.
    What can we do to get the timing changed, or maybe even get the crossing marked and pedestrian signals installed?
    Carl Bechtold