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  • 1090 Casho Mill Rd Newark, DE 19711, USA - Newark
    Under the railroad bridge are huge potholes
  • 119-199 Briar Lane Newark, DE 19711, USA - Newark
    In an attempt to plow the sidewalks in the park on the corner of Bent and Briar, city plow ran up on grass and did this. See photo.
  • 132 Elkton Rd Newark, DE 19711, USA - Newark
    There are several, deep potholes on either side of Elkton road leading in and out of Newark around Amstel Avenue.
  • 89-99 W Delaware Ave Newark, DE 19711, USA - Newark
    When the concrete portion of the road stops on Elkton road and the pavement portion begins on Delaware Ave. there is a huge deep pot hole. I hit it the other day and I thought my wheel was going to pop!
  • 1-21 E Delaware Ave University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19717, USA - Newark
    bicycles are unsafe riding the wrong way
  • 66 W Cleveland Ave Newark, DE 19711, USA - Newark
  • East Park Place & South College Ave newark, de - Newark
    On the north-east corner, the pedestrian call button to cross east park place has no hepatic feedback and the red indicator lamp doesn't illuminate when the button is pressed.
  • 123-129 Delaware 2 Newark, DE 19711, USA - Newark
    It's right before you get to Pat's Pizza on the right, heading towards Elkton. It's a REALLY bad one that people are swerving to avoid and almost causing accidents! THANK YOU!
  • Whitechapel Dr Newark, DE 19713, USA - Newark
    Large chunks of road broken up and spread in driving areas where you turn both right and left onto Marrows Road. Two to three potholes in same location which get bigger everyday.
  • Pothole Archived
    1090 Casho Mill Rd Newark, DE 19711, USA - Newark
    Potholes! Under the train tracks in tunnel!! Lots of them!!
  • 910-922 Delaware 896 Newark, DE 19711, USA - Newark
    A heavily used pedestrian sidewalk to suburban square shopping center still remains snow covered 4 days after storm. Isn't the Christina Mill apt complex supposed to clear this?
  • 1001 Barksdale Road Newark, DE 19711, USA - Newark
    See photo. Box isn't secure.