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  • Victoria Hospital Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert
    My girlfriend and I recently spent upwards of 6 hours one night at the Victoria Hospital because she was experiencing abdominal pains. We spent about 3.5 hours of our time there sitting in the waiting room. While we were waiting to be called a convict from PACC was brought in and treated immediately and was finished and gone before we had been called in. Also while we were still waiting a vagrant came stumbling in reaking of listerine and he was also treated before we were called in. Why are the taxpayers being made to wait and the criminals and substance abusers given priority? In the end we finally got back home around 5am and I had to work at 7:30am that morning now on next to no sleep. Not impressed.
  • 1526-1576 2 Ave W Prince Albert, SK S6V 3V2, Canada - Prince Albert
    Every day when I drive by the Tim Hortons on 2nd Ave there are a number of cars parked in the turning lane. There is clearly a sign posted say 'do not park on 2nd Ave'. I have see accidents and many almost accidents, when do we make people accountable.
  • 1200 24th St W - Opawakoscikan
    I came into the hospital about a week ago after falling and seriously hurting my left knee. I arrived at 930 pm and waited very patiently until my turn to get into the emergency room at 3:30 am. Once there not once did a nurse come in and ask me how I was doing. I waited in the actual emergency room until 530 in the morning. Still hadnt spoken to a nurse or a doctor. Finally after becoming irritated I stood up put on my jacket and hobbled to my vehicle and went home. I am sure that they could have asked me if there was anything that they could do to help make me feel more comfortable. The triage nurse reported me as Semi-Urgent on the triage form. It is to the point know that going to the hospital in Prince Albert only does one thing... and that is stops you from recieving a full night of sleep.
  • River Street West Park Area prince albert, SK - Prince Albert
    People have been drinking constantly in the riverbank westside area. I walk home everyday from school and i get bothered by drunks for smokes and if i dont have one they try to fight me and others who walk along the park. Families like to get away from home to have a nice stroll along the riverbank and to get bothered by drunks. These four guys surround me and one is trying to get behind me to pull out a knife to stab me. Now this is the kind of non-sense we shouldnt have in our community parks for people who have normal lives and families to go home too, these parks are there for us to enjoy and take a stroll and see the river. There has got to be more patrollers on bikes maintaining the riverbank area. Please help change to save the riverbank and park area from alcoholic`s ignorantly trying to bother and causing unwanted problems. We love our parks and river to be drunk and needle free. This may be a while before we stop them but we can sure start somewhere! thanks for your time! god bless.
  • needles Open
    The Whole City Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert

    Time to do something about the needle situation!

    O.k. people, it is time to quit giving needles away to addicts for free! I am so tired of having to keep my head down when walking in case I step on the hundreds of needles that are all over this city. I can't stand the thought of having to pick up the dirty filthy things but now that school has started I also can't stand the thought of leaving them on the ground for the kids to pick up and possibly hurt themselves. There has to be some kind of solution to addicts throwing them every where and anywhere. Why isn't there something being done and why does everyone just sit back and accept this dangerous filth? I just don't understand.

  • 1084 Central Ave Prince Albert, SK S6V 4V5, Canada - Prince Albert
    why is it that there are so many drunks and drug dealers down town and nothing gets done about it no wonder no stores stay there send these people where they belong i think we all know the place
  • Cornerstone Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert
    yesterday i was trapped for 30 min in a parking spot, by coffee wanting tim hortons addicts. I could not back out due to the 20+ cars lined up to get their goods. Noone would be kind enough to let me out even when i got out of my car and asked. When i finally did get out i had to pass the lineup on the wrong lane and was almost hit by an oncoming car. Maybe a re-route is needed.
  • 1200-1214 2 Ave E Prince Albert, SK S6V 2E3, Canada - Prince Albert
    The entrance to Tim Hortons on 2nd ave. is constantly blocking traffic. Summer traffic is ridiculous at the intersection due to slow drive thru...Block this entrance and permanently close it..thus allowing flow thru Tims Lot...
  • This Isn'T Limited To A Specific Street Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert
    When will the city actually do something to correct this problem?!? It's not right that we should have to be concerned about children playing in a park because there might be needles. Also, it is not the responsibility of the person who finds the needle to dispose of it properly. No one is paying us, we aren't covered if we catch somethign from it. This is disgusting and I am sick of finding needles!! keep it clean!
  • Frank Dunn Pool Temperature Prince Albert, Sk - Prince Albert
    The temperature at the Frank Dunn pool is always too cold. Children, especially young children can barely stand to take swimming lessons there as their lips are turning blue by the end of the lesson. Someone needs to take responsibility and fix this situation.
  • 6 Ave E Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert
    I believe the city would benefit greatly from A LOT of red light cameras. I have never seen so many people turning on a red light, or just plain blowing right through it. Since I never see any traffic patrol at intersections, the cameras would do the jobs for them, and creat revenue. Every other city has them, so why not us?
    It seriously blows my mind how many people disregard red lights, they too must notice the lack of traffic enforcement.
  • Prince Albert SK - Prince Albert
    I know this has been posted before, but I think PA Now needs to better censor the comments posted on the website. I agree everyone should be entitled to free-speech, but when given anonymity the comments get rude and racist. Obviously if email addresses are posted with comments, people will start receiving hate-mail, but something needs to be done to prevent the vile comments some people leave.
    Would having to submit comments for review before being posted on the website help? What are your thoughts and suggestions?