Greater Cornwall New York

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Report street repair and traffic issues in the Greater Cornwall area.

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  • Willow Ave Near School And Mailer Ave Corner Aand Near Bridge - Firthcliffe
    Whole length of Willow ave needs brighter lights, Must use high beam when driving to see people on road. Especially near bridge over 9w
  • 985 State Highway 32 Highland Mills, NY 10930, USA - Woodbury
    On February 5th - I hit it and blew out both tires on the driver's side, ruining both rims as well. It threw out my alignment and bent the struts. I have contacted NYSDOT and have not gotten more than the standard 'thank you for your email, we'll be in contact'
  • Road drainage Archived
    159 Main St cornwall, NY 12518, USA - Firthcliffe
    when it rains water pools on my side of road.. blacktop on road is also crumbling
  • 18 - 26 Maple Street - Firthcliffe
    It's a major problem especially hot days the tar heats up and gets on shoes and tracked into the house
  • U.S. 9w Cornwall, NY 12518, USA - Firthcliffe
    NYS DOT issue: Southbound on Rt 9W there is no sign indicating a left turn onto Continental Road. There is a sign indicating a driveway on the right but nothing to indicate that there is a crossing on a 4 lane high volume highway.
  • Mineral Springs Rd NY - US Congressional District NY19
    When traveling south on CR9/Mineral springs road the speed limit jumps to 50MPH at Gadiri rd at the top of the hill. The speed limit should remain 40mph due to it still be a very residential area, at least Old Mineral Springs Rd.
  • Maple Rd Firthcliffe, NY 12518 - Firthcliffe
    Maple Rd. splits into two roads that intersect with the Boulevard. There's no yield or stop signs and I almost got hit by a truck barreling downhill onto the Boulevard
  • 1-3 Grandview Avenue Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520, USA - Cornwall-on-Hudson
    The sodium-vapor bulb in the light between 1 and 3 Grandview Avenue is failing. Sometimes it's on, but usually it's either flickering dimly or off entirely.
  • 350 Jackson Ave #1 New Windsor, NY 12553, USA - US Congressional District NY19

    Very dangerous:
    Crossing 94 at Jackson

    Crossing traffic from the northern section of Jackson to turn east onto 94

    Crossing traffic from the southern section of Jackson to turn west on to 94

  • 1669-1753 U.S. 9w Cornwall, NY 12518, USA - US Congressional District NY19
    Theyre everywhere on 9W! Especially in the slow lane on 9W south (heading towards West Point)
  • Avenue A Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520, USA - Cornwall-on-Hudson
    Cars continuously speed down Avenue A between Hudson St and Homeland Ave while children are present. Speed bumps would slow down or keep un-necessary traffic out of the Homeland Neighborhood and make it safe for our children.
  • 3 Bridge St Cornwall, NY 12518, USA - Firthcliffe
    Bridge Street Closed forever?