Greater Cornwall New York

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Report street repair and traffic issues in the Greater Cornwall area.

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  • 325 Cornwall on the hudson, NY 12520 - Cornwall-on-Hudson
    Content blocked by rejections
  • potholes Archived
    90-94 Weeks Ave Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520, USA - Cornwall-on-Hudson
    there are numerous potholes at the intersection of Weeks Avenue and Stillman Avenue
  • Potholes Archived
    105 Beach St Firthcliffe, NY 12518, USA - Firthcliffe
  • Pothole Archived
    1-7 Harris Ln Firthcliffe, NY 12518, USA - Firthcliffe
    Very large, deep pothole
  • Behind 2226 State Route 32 - Vails Gate
    oil tank bottom of cliff, moodna creek area bet eagle and orrs mills road
  • 10 Elm St Firthcliffe, NY 12518, USA - Firthcliffe
    green work box sprayed painted,looks horrible
  • Clemence Rd New Windsor, NY 12553, USA - US Congressional District NY19
    corner of Clemence drive and rt94. It is a very dangerous curve that leads to our street...we have had several accidents in this part of road, someone is going to be killed...and I hope it won't be my family or neighbors who get rear-ended! PLEASE FIX LIGHT. Second request. Light still out.
  • 144 Quaker Ave Firthcliffe, NY 12518, USA - US Congressional District NY19
    There has been water flowing in the gutter along Quaker Ave on the westbound side for, oh, well over a year, maybe even 2. It appears that there is a leak, perhaps in the hydrant system. Maybe this has no effect on the residential water system but if it does I think it's about time that leak is fixed. Given all of the drama surrounding the recent water rate hike it'd be nice to at least know that this is NOT affecting us adversely.
  • 201 Boulevard Firthcliffe, NY 12518, USA - Firthcliffe
    older iron bridge in disrepair. Cheaper to fix it now than have to replace later!
  • 22 Continental Road Cornwall, NY 12518 - US Congressional District NY19
    I would like to adress the issue of speeding vehicles on Continental Road. I am a landlord who has concerns about the safety of my tennants and neighbors who have young children living on this road. I have seen cars fly by at 60 miles an hour in a 30 zone. I offer my parking lot for the town of Cornwall Police Department to set up a "speed trap" Hopefully, the Town police will take notice, before someone gets hurt or worse killed.
  • Beakes Rd New Windsor, NY - US Congressional District NY19
    Much of the traffic on Beakes Rd does not follow the 30mph speed limit. There are kids and people with pets that use the road and some have come very close to being hit by motorists.
  • Us Hwy 9w and Laurel Firthcliffe, NY - Firthcliffe
    At all times of the day -- but especially in the morning, drivers sail rigjht through the red light at 9W and Laurel --