Greater Cornwall New York

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Report street repair and traffic issues in the Greater Cornwall area.

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  • Rough road Archived
    78/80 Quaker Ave Firthcliffe, NY 12518, USA - Firthcliffe
    Potholes on the shoulder at the end of the driveway near 78 Quaker Road (westbound side) force cyclists off the narrow shoulder into traffic.
  • 4 Clemence Drive New Windsor, NY - US Congressional District NY19
    The view from Clemence Drive onto Rt. 94 West is blocked by tall grass. You almost have to pull out onto Rt.94 to see if traffic is coming. You risk getting hit by traffic coming around the curve...from the left. This is dangerous. Please cut down the tall grasses.
  • horrible accident pron area
  • 4 County Road 107 Firthcliffe, NY 12518, USA - Firthcliffe
    Deep but small potholes in the circle between Main Street and Quaker. Dangerous for bicyclists!
  • 299 Jackson Avenue New Windsor, NY 12553, USA - US Congressional District NY19
    So deep when you hit it your teeth will fall out
  • CAUTION Open
    693 Jackson Ave New Windsor, NY 12553, USA - US Congressional District NY19
    There is a pothole about 8-10 inches deep in the center of the road when turning to go south on Jackson Ave.
  • 16-18 Pleasant Hill Rd New Windsor, NY 12553, USA - US Congressional District NY19
    Road looks like it was tore up with jackhammers for about 100 ft. I'd recommend slowing down to about 15-20mph before driving over it.No way to avoid them
  • 197 Windsor Highway New Windsor, New York - New Windsor
    Rt 32 South from Union Ave to Old Forge Hill Road and North side from Old Forge Hill Road to Union Avenue
  • All Street Newburgh, NY - New Windsor
    All Graffiti Needs To Be Removed.
    Especially the overpass on South Street!
  • Route 218 Exit Ramp Off 9w South Cornwall, New York - Firthcliffe
    Numerous potholes in center of road between lane on the exit ramp from 9W to Rt 218