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  • 6707 H St Little Rock, AR 72205, USA - Midtown
    New hedge along "H" St. and West of Carywood Lane obstructs drivers view of traffic coming from West along "H" St. School busses, auto traffic incl. U turns, and pedestrians, all occuring simultaniously in mornings and afternoons make entering "H" from south difficult enough. Help! Thank you.
  • 3200-3348 Town And Country Ave Little Rock, AR 72204, USA - Boyle Park
    At least a dozen potholes.
  • 101-199 Mcadoo St Little Rock, AR 72205, USA - Midtown
    There is 100 feet on MacAdoo (turning off Markham) where the road is unfinished. The road could easily be finished so it would not be a one-lane section when a city truck or school bus accesses the road. Can the city do something about this since it is used as a primary entrance into the neighborhood?
  • potholes Archived
    13003-13403 Vimy Ridge Rd Alexander, AR 72002, USA - Chicot West
    multiple potholes on Vimy Ridge Rd
  • Wilbur D. Mills Fwy Little Rock, AR 72211, USA - Walnut Valley
    at Financial Parkway and 630, entering 630 the whole width of the road is one huge pothole. I bottomed out my automobile (at a very low speed)and was wandering who would be responsible for any repairs.
  • Chenal Parkway Little Rock, AR 72223, USA - Little Rock
    All up and down Chenal Parkway are multiple potholes. Once you miss one you are on top of another.
  • Dip Archived
    200-248 E 9th St Little Rock, AR 72202, USA - Downtown
    There is a significant dip on the north side of the Scott and 9th intersection, so that a car traveling the speed limit will bottom out when it rejoins Scott having risen over the 9th Street pavement. If this can't or won't be fixed it deserves a sign.
  • 800-804 Clarkson St Little Rock, AR 72205, USA - Hillcrest
    The ditch that runs along the 800 block of Clarkson, between G & H Street, needs to be filled in. The street is crumbling into the ditch; people run into the ditch frequently; the ditch gets clogged and backs up; the ditch keeps people from parking safely on the street. During the summer, it is a mosquito haven!
  • 14115 Rivercrest Dr Little Rock, AR 72212, USA - River Mountain
    The guard rail is completely ripped off in the cul-de-sac and lying in the street.
  • Heart Stopper Archived
    1584-1690 S Shackleford Rd Little Rock, AR 72211, USA - Little Rock
    This pothole seems to keep coming back like an unwanted guest. When turning right from Executive Center Dr. onto Shakelford it is hard to miss
  • 414 E 6th St Little Rock, AR 72202, USA - Downtown
    This is the street between buildings, it is highly trafficed and the road is filled with deep deep holes. These holes can damage a cars wheel if they are hit. It is in desperate need of being fixed.
  • Plugged drain Archived
    4901 Kavanaugh Blvd Little Rock, AR 72207, USA - Heights
    Drain on NW corner of
    Cantrell & Kavanaugh
    does not drain & a huge (HUGE) puddle stands for a long time after rain and becomes an icy spot if freezing temps. It also hides the 2 very large potholes there!