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  • Rodney Parham And Breckenridge - West Markham
    At Rodney Parham and Breckenridge,the exit signs coming from McDonalds indicate no left turn.The painted no left turn on there property is so faded no notices.Traffic going east or west onto Breckenridge at the first McDonald's exit cars cars are turning into it because there is no posting,but it clearly should not be and entrance.I have had many near misses with vehicles trying to enter there.
  • 10628 W Markham St Little Rock, AR 72211, USA - West Markham
    The traffic lane markings east of the Markham and Shackelford intersection are nearly invisible in the rain. Can these please be restriped?
  • 1692-1750 S Shackleford Rd Little Rock, AR 72211, USA - Little Rock
    I have to try and dodge this pothole going home. This means I have to swerve toward the right lane to avoid it.
  • 500-698 Pleasant Valley Dr Little Rock, AR 72227, USA - Reservoir
    Potholes noted in southbound lane of Pleasant Valley Drive, one close to intersection of Kings Arms Rd and one right before I430 overpass
  • 90 Pebble Beach Several On Street Near Valley Club Circle - River Mountain
    Several speed limit signs are blocked by trees or bushes.
  • 2-5080 Windsor Rd Little Rock, AR 72212, USA - Rock Creek
    When leaving Windsor road on to Hinson, There is major view obstruction due to fencing, shrubs and curve in road. This is a high traffic area for runners, bicyclists, and pedestrians who routinely fail to yield that intersection. This is a horribly dangerous intersection and needs to be redesinged or signs on Hinson and Windsor to need to be in place or a traffic light should be installed.
  • 71 Sherman Road Morrilton, AR - East Of I-30
    A bottleneck usually begins at this location. Drivers usally drive in the left lane till the lane ends and try to merge to the right at the last minute and cause traffic in the right lane to slow to a crawl to allow them in, and create a bottleck. If "Merge Now" signs were added along this route it would at least give advance notice and encourage the drivers to merge sooner and reduce if not eliminate the bottleneck. I thought of requesting a few jersey barriers at the end of the left lane but that would be too harsh! ;)
  • 6501-6515 Evergreen Dr Little Rock, AR 72207, USA - Midtown
    This pothole was repaired a few weeks ago but it has reappeared. Please repair!
  • 11599-11603 W 12th St Little Rock, AR 72211, USA - Little Rock
    There are series of pot holes in the east-bound lane on Kanis east of the Kanis/Bowman intersection. The wholes has reappeared after the colder weather and need to be fixed before becoming much worse.
  • 12491-13101 U.S. 67 Little Rock, AR 72209, USA - Chicot West
    Needs fixing
  • Corner Of Alexander Rd And Sardis Rd - Chicot West
    Because of the trees on the fence line; there is NO line of sight. Even if stopped at the stop sign it is hard to see if cars are coming or not. If someone runs a stop sign here it will surely kill the person coming from Alexander Road. The trees need to be cut back, removed or a stoplight should be installed.
  • 12240 Rivercrest Dr Little Rock, AR 72212, USA - River Mountain
    Street light comes on then gets dimmer until it completely goes out. It comes back on and goes through the same cycle continually.