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  • 7810-8100 W Markham St Little Rock, AR 72205, USA - Midtown
    The sidewalk on the north side of Markham is overgrown. You cant walk down the sidewalk without stepping into traffic.
  • Wide Pot-Hole Archived
    300-398 S Mckinley St Little Rock, AR 72205, USA - Briarwood
    There is a 'pot-hole' that stretches across the entire road on McKinley. This is a busy street and this hole requires every driver to practically stop in order to protect their car.
  • Pothole Archived
    Riverfront Dr Little Rock, AR 72202, USA - Little Rock
    There's a pothole on Riverfront next to the soccer fields.
  • 2423 Kavanaugh Blvd Little Rock, AR 72205, USA - Hillcrest
    The water fountain on the promenade
    is stopped up.
  • Corner Of Rahling Rd & Chenal Pkwy Little Rock, AR 72211, USA - Little Rock
    There is a sign with a long metal pole laying along side the curb. It needs to be picked up before a vehicle or bicyclist hits it and gets injured. It has been there for many months.
  • Pot-holes Archived
    11027-11061 Financial Centre Pkwy Little Rock, AR 72211, USA - Birchwood
    Numerous potholes throughout this area
  • Pothole Archived
    7623 Mabelvale Cut Off Rd Mabelvale, AR 72103, USA - Chicot West
    Large pothole in the right hand lane going west that could the tires of cars.
  • Stonewall And Jackson Sw Corner Of Intersection On Sidewalk - Hillcrest
    3-4' deep hole on sidewalk at N. Jackson and Stonewall
    An adult could fall through.
  • 43-99 Beverly Pl Little Rock, AR 72207, USA - Heights
    several potholes since last heavy rains
  • Potholes Archived
    12601 St Charles Blvd Little Rock, AR 72211, USA - Rock Creek
    Large potholes on both sides of the street on St. Charles Blvd. as it meets Napa Valley.
  • 605 S Cedar St Little Rock, AR 72205, USA - Capital View-Stiff
    Large pothole and rough pavement at Sixth and Cedar streets — pothole has actually gotten worse since first reported.
  • 2900-2918 W Markham St Little Rock, AR 72205, USA - Hillcrest
    Turning onto Woodrow from Markham, there is no indication as to which traffic has right-of-way. Previously, traffice coming from West (Markham & Kavanaugh) had a yield sign allowing those turning left across traffic from Markham right-of-way. Needs clarification. Also, from Woodrow onto Markham, the "no left turns from 7a-9a & 4p-6p" should be better enforced.