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  • University Avenue At Lakeshore Drive - Boyle Park
    Small pothole at intersection of University & Lakeshore. Has been repaired 3-4 times in the last month but only lasts for a day or less due to the water leak. Maybe the water dept. needs to look at this since water has been coming out of the hole for at lease 2 months. Sorry I keep forgetting to call 311 about this - thanks for this neat site.
  • Mckinnley And Kavanaugh Place - Heights
    The Yield sign located here is ineffective and cannot be seen by motorists because it has been turned the wrong way. It is dangerous in this intersection.
  • 1763 Wellington Village Rd Little Rock, AR 72211, USA - Rock Creek
    Wetherborne Dr. intersects Loyola Dr. in two places. At the western most intersection, STREET NAME SIGN IS MISSING. At the easternmost intersection, STOP SIGN IS MISSING. It has been 99 days since reported. PLEASE!!!!
  • Tory Ct Little Rock, AR 72211, USA - Rock Creek
    stop sign at Tory Court, entering Wetherborne Drive is missing. constuction vehicles just roar out into the street without stopping. Dangerous at that corner.
  • 218 Shackleford Little Rock Ar - Walnut Valley
    Trees and or bushes need to be cut back here and along the whole side of street running up to Maralyn and across the street at the gas station. You have to pull out practically in the middle of the road in order to even see it. Have almost gotten in a wreck numerous times and would like it fixed!
  • 9000-9044 N Rodney Parham Rd Little Rock, AR 72227, USA - West Markham
    When you drive over it, and it is very hard to avoid, it can do serious damage to your car.
  • Center St Between 7th And 6th In Little Rock - Downtown
    There are three big dips/holes in the left lane of Center street. It's a one-way street and people use this to get to work. It's on the block between 7th and 6th Street.
  • Horrible Road Archived
    6598-6898 Scott Hamilton Dr Little Rock, AR 72209, USA - Upper Baseline
    One of the main corridors to the 65th Street Industrial area, Scott Hamilton from I-30 to 65th Street, is badly in need of a re-surfacing.
  • 43 Legends Dr Little Rock, AR 72210, USA - Otter Creek Crystal

    Legends Drive as well as Wimbledon Loop on the West side of Otter Creek are VERY bad areas where people speed constantly. There is not a single speed bump anywhere to be found on the roads. When compared to the East side of Wimbledon Loop all the way around to Otter Creek Parkway, there are several speed bumps along the way. But when you get to Otter Creek Parkway and continue around the West side of Wimbledon Loop, which is the newer section of it, there is not a single speed bump to be found. People are constantly flying down Legends drive and the West side of Wimbledon Loop roads in excess of 35 miles an hour on a daily basis. It is especially bad on Legends because it is not a wide street in the first place and there are all the time people parking all along the sides of the street. Someone is going to have a serious wreck one day if something is not done to curtail the speeders on these streets.

    Another MAJOR problem with Legends is that at the spot where I have placed the marker, it is an extremely blind hill with a slight turn on it that people fly over. There is a house at the crest of that hill where the resident always parks a vehicle on the road. This is just a massive head-on collision waiting to happen. There needs to be another set of stop signs or a big speed bump or something at the crest of the hill at Jack Nicklaus Cove and Legends Drive to help protect the people who have to drive on this road daily from having a serious accident.

  • 401 Louisiana St Little Rock, AR 72201, USA - Downtown
    When approaching Louisiana traveling east on 4th Street, there is no street sign.
  • 2346-2398 Interstate 30 Frontage Rd Little Rock, AR 72206, USA - Downtown
    Big pothole/bump when exiting I-30 to go to Roosevelt. Lots of Schoolbuses going to Horace Mann and Parents feel this hole.
  • 9000 N Rodney Parham Rd Little Rock, AR 72227, USA - West Markham
    A left hand turn light is needed for the west bound traffic on Rodney Parham, turning on to South bound Brookside. I is nearly impossible to make a left handed turn,