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  • 1201 Blake St New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    Tree in front of home is causing damage to the sidewalk. He was referred by the city department to have it removed. The sidewalk is a hazard and the resident fears someone will get hurt. Please assist.
  • Other Open
    Jennings Way New Haven, Connecticut - Abraham Ribicoff Cottages
    Disturbing the peace breach of peace by walking to close to that apartment and being loudmouth hooligans
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    79 Downing St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square
    The center branches are dead and falling randomly to the sidewalk. This is hazardous to pedestrians and parked cars. Especially after the tree that fell on the boy in East Haven, causing him to lose part of his kidney, please evaluate this quickly!
  • Other Open
    Jennings Way New Haven, Connecticut - Abraham Ribicoff Cottages
    hooligans are walking to close to 38d apartment and breach of peace
  • Clinton And Atwater New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    Tree needs to be trimmed, tree is starting to cover stop sign.
  • 873 Townsend Ave New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    A huge yesterday and caused fire. Which then caused resident to lose power. UI came out and took care of the issue along with The fire department. The limb is now in the street and is obstructing traffic. Resident also sd the tree is currently dead and this is not safe for the 5 children that wait for the bus to arrive. Please assist
  • 1 Horsely Ave East Haven, CT, 06512, USA - East Shore
    Hi i doubt anything will get done because they continue to do the same thing every time it snows. i just want to you know i haven been living in new haven for over 40 plus years paying these high taxes for a @#$% job which is unacceptable. My grandfather at one point was the public works director (thomas antollino) which i live in his house now and my uncle was very powerful in new haven (arthur barbieri). I'm sure someone knows there names and the impact they had on the city. i have never seen the awful job the city does now. my wife literally had to back her car all the way down the street just to get off the street because of the ice and the bottom of her car getting scrapped.i hope to get some response back from someone.
  • Other Open
    Jennings Way New Haven, Connecticut - Abraham Ribicoff Extension
    I was just on the phone with my mom and people loitering outside at 6:56pm listening. they need to mind there own business and i'm not talking to them
  • 247 Starr St New Haven, Connecticut - Newhallville
    From 11 pm to 1 am on June 28 - 29, 2014, on Starr St between Shelton and Newhall, I was a victim of loud party music playing, was cursed at, saw youth drinking on the sidewalk from open liquor bottles, witnessed several car lights as car upon car drove into the narrow street towards the party and double parked, some people grabbed my video recorder when I asked them to turn the music down and stated the music was too loud, watched a young girl get dragged in the street, was menaced as I walked and retreated into my house after being threatened to go away and had the police yell at me that they have my information as I called several times advising what was happening as the activity on the street escalated. Anti-noise laws should be enforced as well as anti-nuisance laws as I should not be victimized basically just for being a living and breathing human; if that's the case, I might as well be dead.
  • 123 Pine Street New Haven, CT 06513, United States of America - Chatham Square
    Shopping cart has been left on Pine Street by the cemetery.
  • 38c Jennings Way New Haven, Connecticut - Abraham Ribicoff Extension
    breach of peace and trespassing walking to close to apartments with there dogs and knocking on walks from the inside of there crack house
  • 324 Fitch St(Schwartz Hall) New Haven, CT - Southern CT State University

    If this Hydrant is cleared, could you please change the issue status to closed with a comment?
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