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  • 138-200 Court St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Town_Green

    These cars are unsightly and need to be removed permanently.

    From the NH Independent:

    Cars Remain

    Some six months ago, parked cars started showing up in the federal plaza behind City Hall, which is under the jurisdiction of the federal General Services Administration (GSA).

    Cathy Menzies, a spokeswoman for the GSA, said at the time that parking was permitted in the plaza on a temporary basis only, while garage repairs displaced federal employees.

    A recent visit to the plaza found about a dozen cars still parked in the plaza.

    In an email on Monday, Menzies offered the following statement: “The Giaimo garage has been reopened but there are still a couple of contractors working on the plaza as part of the garage repair project that should be completed within the next couple of weeks.

    “Limited parking behind the courthouse for U.S. Courts and U.S. Marshals’ vehicles has always been permitted.”

  • E Grand Ave New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square
    "Its all fun and games till someone loses an eye"There are signs posted on the bridge that say "no fishing from bridge" and the fisherman are continually fishing right under the sign. This poses a very dangerous problem for boaters. As we try to go under the bridge, there are line and hooks dangling everywhere. Some of the people are curteous enough to pull their lines and let you through, others start yelling and throwing things. I have had everthing from beer cans and other garbage to lead weights thrown. Last year a women on a boat was hooked in the scalp by a fishing lure and I have had close calls with lures myself. I have called the bridge operations number numerous times to ask them to call police when there people fishing from the bridge, I have also called police to file a report, still, last night June 8th, I counted 28 fisherman. Will they not act until someone loses an eye and sues the city?
  • Farmington Canal Heritage Trail New Haven, CT - Newhallville
    My husband was attacked by a group of 6-10 men while biking along the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail yesterday. He had his bike and iPod stolen. I often see police on Segways on the stretch of the trail between Division and Hillhouse, but the part that seems to be really dangerous is the stretch from Division to the New Haven/Hamden line. If this isn't addressed, this trail will cease to be a resource that New Haven residents can enjoy.
  • Edgerton Park New Haven, CT - Prospect Hill
    Tonight we found a sweet, shivering dog in Edgerton Park, and reported it to the police, who took the information so they could get in touch if the owner called them. The person who took the dog home posted on Facebook, and within a few hours the owner was found, and the dog went home. A happy ending with a caveat ... the owner had reported the lost dog to the animal shelter, but the shelter does not send a list of missing dogs to the police when it closes for the day. Could that become part of the shelter's procedure? It would cost the amount of an email, and perhaps seconds of work.
  • 611 Orange Street New Haven, Connecticut - Bishop-Hine

    It appears the folks at Nicas are clearing a path from their parking lot behind the house on the corner of Bishop and Orange, to put in a connecting driveway onto Bishop Street. If you look closely, you can see the chalk marks on the ground where they are planning the driveway.

    Is this even legal? I am very concerned about this. The owners at Nicas have historically not shown a great deal of concern about following the law - whether it be the number of outdoor seats allowed, zoning issues, parking lot issues, garbage issues etc.. Nor have they concerned themselves much about the danger their persistently illegally parked supply trucks present to the public (driving OR walking). IN short, they cannot be trusted to take public safety and public good into consideration when making changes.

    I hate to think the effect such a driveway would have on the increased traffic to the neighborhood.

    Zoning - please step in here. Surely these people must be breaking a half-dozen zoning codes.

  • 1 Union Avenue New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Downtown

    We have been experiencing an exceedingly great number of quality of life issues and crime around 1 Union Ave and we would very much like the New Haven Police Department to be fix the issues before the summer months arrive. We noticed the police department continues to bill the tax payers, yet are not providing even the very basic services that a police department is expected to provide. Crime is out of control; people are constantly shooting people and being shot, violence in general is beyond scary, and all other gang crime and drug crimes are becoming far too common and committed in the open. Traffic violations are out of control; there are speeding cars everywhere, basic traffic rules are disregarded by almost everyone, and people committing more serious offenses like running red lights and stops signs occur at a frequency that is beyond appalling. Quality of life issues are out of control; the list is so long and everyone knows it.

    Why don't you start by pulling people over for basic offenses like: no brake lights, headlights out, cracked windshields, missing plates, expired plates, tinted windows, loud mufflers, and loud music. If they have tinted windows, pull them over. If they then look suspicious, search the vehicle. If they have a loud muffler, pull them over. If they then look suspicious, search the vehicle. If they are playing loud music, pull them over. If they then look suspicious, search the vehicle. I guarantee the results of following these very basic procedures will be noticed by ALL the City of New Haven residents and its out of town visitors. The people who value life and want a decent quality of life will be very appreciative.

    You say you cannot because you are undermanned/understaffed. Not true. You need to restructure your department. It is as simple as that. You also need to get your priorities straight. Why do we see countless officers all over town watching construction workers doing their jobs? Or, directing traffic like a flagman, at best? You say safety. Not true. Why not hire a real flagger who has been trained? Half the time these officers are sitting in their cars talking on their cell phones. Lately, we have seen not one cop at each construction site, but two, usually sitting around talking and not paying attention. All of these officers could, and SHOULD, be driving around pulling people over for the above mentioned quality of life and traffic offenses. Simple as that. Again, if they have tinted windows, pull them over. If they then look suspicious, search the vehicle. If they have a loud muffler, pull them over. If they then look suspicious, search the vehicle. If they are playing loud music, pull them over. If they then look suspicious, search the vehicle. The procedure is simple and effective and has years of use behind it to back up its effectiveness.

    If you follow this simple plan that I have spelled out above (it doesn't require much brain matter), it is certain that this little town of 124,000 people can return to some degree of normalcy before the summer really gets going. I am sure there are many other New Haven residents out there that would agree with me.

    Thank you for your time,

    A New Haven Resident

  • 345-397 College Street New Haven, CT - Downtown

    Recently I was asked to participate in a citizen review group gathered to give feedback on a proposal by Project for Public Spaces for the New Haven Green. I have lots of opinions about the New Haven Green but I would rather open it up to New Haven users of SeeClickFix to gather feedback than just return mine.

    Here is a link to the plan:

    Please add your comments in the comments below. There was an email sent to the group today calling for a last call for review. It's your green what do you think?

  • 297 Wallace St New Haven, CT 06511 - Mill River
    Here's some analysis I did for a school project (see images; click to enlarge).
    You can help fund a huge photo mural at this location by donating here:
  • Eld Street New Haven, CT - SOHU

    Given the current epidemic of package-from-doorstep theft in East Rock---we were hit today---I thought it might be useful to open a thread about possible steps. Barring any police assistance (child, please!), we're on our own.

    My suggestion: We all start leaving empty Amazon delivery boxes on our doorsteps. That would make it difficult for the thieves to identify which homes have a (real) package and those that are empty. It strikes me that the thieves want to move quickly; if we're adding lots of boxes, it slows them down, and it increases the chances that one of us will see them. If enough of us do this, it may make theft unprofitable since the thieves will faced with a higher chance of being caught and a higher chance of scoring an empty box. Any other ideas welcome, but I'll be putting out boxes in the morning and on random days thereafter.

  • Greenwich Ave & Howard Ave. New Haven, CT 06519 - City Point
    now that school is out, kids are constantly riding up and down
    howard and Greenwich on gocarts, dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles, etc. The noise is deafening. Why is this allowed?
  • West Rock Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Multiple cars of parents towed away while dropping their kids off at Edgewood school this morning due to new towing policy for street sweeping. Non residents traveling to the school were largely unaware given lack of signage. Only one sign posted on the entire expanse of West Rock near the school and said sign was posted low to the ground rather than on a poll.
  • 1055-1079 State St New Haven, CT - East Rock
    The State St. Bridge, over the Mill River, is now going on two years past its completion date. The city engineering department claimed that they would start working on a plan, in December 2011, to solve the water pollution issue, which has delayed the bridge reconstruction. Any progress on that plan?
    Because State St. is closed, and Trumbull St. is now only one way, heading West, Willow St. has become a traffic nightmare and a public safety issue.
    On Tuesday evening, because of the city's poor planning, the usual evening traffic jam, on Willow St. caused a major public safety issue, when two New Haven police cars, heading West (on Willow), and two New Haven Fire trucks, heading East (also on Willow), were stuck for at least five minutes, while car commuters totally blocked both lanes, preventing anyone from moving. Willow St. cannot handle thousands of cars per day. The noise pollution, air pollution, speeding, traffic jams and blocking emergency vehicles needs to stop.
    The city needs to get its @ss in gear and fix the State St. Bridge.