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  • 40 Sargeant Drive New Haven, CT - Long Wharf

    the comments posted on most of the stories i've read are incredibly offensive on the registers articles. many do nothing to promote dialogue and only attempt to attack people. it is mostly anonymous and negative ranting. it is far from constructive.

    many online news sources require that comments are reviewed by a moderator before they are actually posted.

    does the register not believe that they are responsible for the way that commenters use their site?

  • Cove Place (Cove Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Shore
    The business located here cleans the beach every week and dumps the trash on the public right-of-way. Why isn't that illegal dumping on city property? it's disrespectful to the community
  • 36 East Grand Avenue New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights
    There are constant drug deals being made on East Grand Ave infront of ziggy's and going all the way down the street to the bridge. This happens at least 5 times a day. A car will park on street parking, wait, and someone will appear and make the sale. I have even seen children in the cars. Many of the cars have out-of-state licenses, many being from NY. These individuals have no fear and do it in the open. If the police want a easy drug bust, come down here and watch this. Ill start taking pictures every time it happens with license plate numbers . Get these scumbags off the streets where many children and families walk to go to the park
  • 238 College St New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown

    College Street would be best suited as a pedestrian mall, allowing continued human development in the area and providing a safe, pleasurable environment for citizens without the stress of vehicular traffic, which can use countless other roads.

    Please see my argument here: :
    (Will be pushed on 9/22)

  • Audubon Steet New Haven, CT - Town_Green

    With all of the pedestrian traffic moving across Church into Audobon arts area, we really really need a pedestrian cross walk from curb at Gourmet Heaven to curb at Koffee?
    There are TONS of kids and families who cross this intersection...or try to....every single day. Crazy drivers on church do not yield.
    PLEASE put in a pedestrian cross walk.

    I know I know, most drivers won't yield, but at least we will have tried.
    Please vote this up. ty

  • 68-94 Pine Street New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    Dirt bikes all over Clifton, Atwater, and Front Street this afternoon. Yes, we have legislation in Hartford to increase 20 fold the fee for reclaiming confiscated dirtbikes. But still no word on increased e ffort by NHPD to crack down on dirtbikes. Seems they are operating without impunity. Would be nice if NHPD said something publicly (hello Chief Esserman?) about the situation. Frustration building....
  • 2-26 James St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Fair Haven
    The playground surface covering in Criscuolo Park, which is meant to be a soft, absorbent material for the safety of children, is falling apart. It is in extremely poor condition, especially under the swings, slide, and other play equipment. It is becoming a hazard as children can trip, fall and potentially injure themselves on this unsteady surface. It should be repaired/replaced to ensure the safety of park visitors.
  • 100 150 Whalley Ave New Haven, CT - Dixwell
    Bike rack at Stop and Shop is almost completely unusable. It is not a standard rack. As a result cyclists are forced to shop elsewhere, or to lock up to things like railings and shopping carts to keep their bikes safe.
  • Humphrey Street State Street Underpasses New Haven, CT - Downtown

    Last year, hundreds of New Haveners worked together to complete InsideOut NHV which was an amazing community building, and community defining experience.

    We're interested in doing another community art project with the Humphrey and State Street underpasses this year and we need your input.

    What is the next cool and amazing thing that should happen with those spaces? We are open to all ideas and suggestions. What are your thoughts?

  • 26 Center St New Haven, CT 06510 - Town_Green

    Connecting these empty lots and parking lots (visible on the satellite image) should be a priority.

    A new street would activate and provide more window frontage on blocks that are currently far too wide, therefore tremendously increasing the potential for real estate development and new tax revenue for the city.

    Models can be found from elsewhere in New Haven, for example, the Temple Street Plaza, which breaks down a large block into a series of pathways connecting College, Chapel, Temple and Crown. What makes cities successful these days are the "nooks and crannies" like these.

    Other small streets in New Haven have since disappeared due to urban renewal. For example, Pitkin Plaza, now home to 360 State, used to be a small street.

    See here for additional discussion of the idea, recently presented by architect George Knight: The proposed street should be extended all the way to the Coliseum Site and perhaps tie in, through an indoor arcade, to the Federal Plaza (former Court Street) located just north of Chapel, between Orange and Church.

  • 383-501 State Street New Haven, CT - Downtown
    City Officials in New Haven are resistant to consider this great route for a cycling path because they are concerned that Amtrak will not grant and easement. Given past experience that is understandable but maybe citizens could help work the problem. Does anybody have contacts at Amtrak so that residents could start a conversation with them about using this easement? It would be really sad to let past bureaucratic relationships get in the way of this great solution.
  • 80 Downing Street New Haven, CT - Chatham Square

    I don't get it: the public has presumably called in hundreds maybe even thousands of times now about the less than ten or so dirt bikes--they are the SAME bikes--ridden year-in, year-out with the same riders--that recklessly run at everyone pedestrians, cars, ride at and on sidewalks with children playing, joyriding at dangerously high speeds. In addition the public has: helped pass the new confiscation law passed in 2013 to address uninsured, unlicensed, reckless ridership(Sen. Martin Looney just sent me campaign lit. about it).

    And yet here we are in 2014: the same group of young adults and adults alike behaving badly with no consequence. Perfectly peaceful Sunday and then this. Is this problem *really* that hard to solve? Can we solve it once are for all so that NHPD can focus their efforts elsewhere? We know the bikes, what they look like, what decals they have, who the riders are and in most cases even where they live.

    Again, I don't get it. Happy 2014.