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  • 1017-1025 Ella T Grasso Boulevard New Haven Connecticut - West River

    The Boulevard is a major north-south thoroughfare within the city from I-95 to Whalley Avenue and beyond, but it is dangerous for all road users, including motorists, but especially cyclists and pedestrians due to high travel speeds and traffic volume. There is, however, ample room within the 48+ foot right-of-way to incorporate a two-way protected cycle track along the entire length of the Boulevard without significantly diminishing the car carrying capacity of the roadway. Doing so would calm traffic, vastly improve safety for all road users, and encourage alternative transportation options to driving for many commuters.

    Should funding become available for this type of infrastructure, the Boulevard would be a worthwhile candidate since it traverses four city neighborhoods, several schools, and is a major roadway in need of traffic calming.

    For more information on how a cycle track might work along the Boulevard, see below:
    Complete Streets Request Form:
    Online article:

  • Potholes Acknowledged
    352-362 Willow Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    I put in a comment about this as many have. It really boils down to a few things: will Tony Harp address the issue? And, does anyone at City Hall even read what gets reported on SCF? I am starting to believe we are talking into a huge vacuum .
  • Clinton Park New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square

    4 off-road vehicles tearing up the Clinton Ave. School fields afternoon of Sat. 4/5/14 Brazen riding on sidewalks and near kids' playgrounds. Disregard for safety all-around. Tired posting about this since nothing seems to change (although it seems the NHPD is doing their job here).

    Mayor, any thoughts? Or the scofflaws can have their way and disrespect the quality of life of the community. When taxes go up will this magically go away?

  • 30 Lenox Street New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Fair Haven Heights

    "The smell will drive you crazy..."
    Uretek, a polyurethane manufacturing factory that is surrounded by residential homes and schools, consistently produces noxious chemical smells - especially at night. Driving or walking by, the foul odor can be overwhelming, and even blocks away, the fumes invade. The potential "danger" of these emissions is a serious concern, compounded by the billowing black smoke recently seen billowing from the factory, as well as the company's disturbing history of air pollution.

    “’The smell would drive you crazy,’ said Louis Lopez, a 44-year-old mechanic who has worked for Uretek since 1984.” In December 1986, The New York Times covered a controversial employee strike at Uretek Inc. Uretek workers walked off the job due to health and safety concerns, specifically regarding the solvent dimethylformamide, or DMF, which is used at the plant. They claimed that fumes sickened half of the 66 workers at the plant. Later, testing by Yale confirmed the damage: 36 of the tested employees had ''significant liver-function abnormalities,'' and ten were diagnosed with toxic hepatitis, findings that, according to the doctor, were ''overwhelmingly'' linked to DMF*

    The workers’ health problems in 1986 were “not the first time that Uretek has been accused of wrongdoing,” according to the Times article. In 1984, the Uretek vice president John Andrews was convicted on felony charges of illegally storing and disposing of hazardous waste – making it “the first time a corporation in Connecticut had been convicted of such a criminal offense in a trial.”

    The article also noted that Uretek has been cited by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection on air pollution.

    Although this was many years ago, Uretek's emissions and its potential impact on the environment and people remain a very significant concern.

    The DEP was notified a few years back (when the odors seemed particularly strong and noxious even blocks away). Despite Uretek’s pollution history, DEP’s response seemed disinterested. As far as we know, no air quality testing was conducted, nor any follow-up.

    A health issue as serious and dangerous as this requires more than discussions or assurances from factory management. It would seem logical and imperative that thorough air quality testing be conducted (especially after hours/at night when the odors are often strongest) and that the results be made publicly available.

    Does DEP receive notification of SeeClickFix concerns?

  • South Water Street New Haven, CT - City Point

    Residents of the City Point neighborhood have noticed an increase in drug dealing and other illegal activity in our neighborhood. At least 3 calls have been made to police regarding this activity which has always involved one specific car. An alert resident finally was able to get the license plate of this particular car and called it into police. The person who answered at dispatch asked what the block watch number for our neighborhood is. The caller did not know. The dispatcher said that without that number, she could not send an officer out. She did NOT send an officer out.

    This is concerning to me--and should be concerning to every New Haven resident. Can someone from the police department please clarify for me that officers will not be sent out--even if the activity is IN PROGRESS-- unless the caller has a block watch number? ( I'd also like clarification as to whether block watch numbers are even used to track calls and allocate officers anymore. I had been told that they were not. In fact, when I have called the police before to report a car break in, the dispatcher would NOT take the block watch number.) I think its important that residents AND dispatchers are made clear on these guidelines.

  • 127-131 Bradley St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - SOHU

    Tenant in restaurant space on corner of Bradley and State has started promoting music and party events not allowed by the location's zoning permit. "Dashi" is advertising on social media as "Dashi Soulfood."

    Live bands are booked, and ads state the business will operate until 2 a.m.

    No music is allowed in this space, and the restaurant must close by 11p.m., according to local zoning laws.

  • 100 John W Murphy Drive New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven

    In my exploration of the surrounding area I found a nice but neglected right of way from John Murphy Drive to the Mill River. At the end there is a path that runs behind your building and has some nice park benches. I am interested in we can spruce up this right of way and river path. In particular I think it could be quite nice to figure out a way to make it a loop so that people could walk it on lunch breaks. In the overgrown right of way I wonder what sort of landscaping could improve the look and ease of maintaining. There are some aspects of it that seem suitable to a small garden running alongside the trail.

    Link to map:

    A collection of photos from the site:

    Want to help? (plan, advocate or cleanup area). Let me know:

  • South Frontage Road New Haven, Connecticut - Dwight

    Cars on S. Frontage that go straight through the intersection consistently block the intersection during the all-phase pedestrian crossing during rush hour. This forces peds who want to cross S. Frontage to weave in-between cars, hoping that when the traffic on S. Frontage suddenly starts moving the cars in the intersection will not squash them. I have seen numerous close calls where the driver blocking the intersection/crosswalk starts to drive (during the ped crossing phase) headless of pedestrians trying to cross.

    Can we get some traffic enforcement in this area? There is a usually a cop not 30 feet away who makes sure cars can safely exit the parking garage onto S. Frontage - where is the same concern about pedestrian safety?

  • Trumbull St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Yale University Campus
    The intersection of Temple Street and Trumbull Street has a bad pedestrian crossing that I walk through almost every day. There is a crossing signal for pedestrians crossing Temple St. on the south side, but the vehicle traffic on Trumbull St. gets a green light at the SAME TIME and vehicles turning off Trumbull to go south on Temple St. therefore compete with pedestrians trying to cross. Vehicles turning off Trumbull St. gun their engines as soon as the light turns green and take direct aim at the pedestrians, who the drivers don't seem to think have any business being in their way. Often drivers are in such a hurry that they refuse to give pedestrians the right of way. If they do, rude drivers behind them may honk. This signal needs to be changed so that drivers and pedestrians are not competing to get through the intersection at the SAME TIME -- that is an accident waiting to happen. There should be a 4-way pedestrian-only crossing signal at this intersection, like there is at the intersections farther north on Whitney.
  • Chapel St New Haven, CT 06511 - Mill River
    How about the stretch on Chapel b/w East Street and James? This is a major entrance to Fair Haven and it looks like a war zone. Sidewalks are dangerous. Weeds are everywhere. The trees are dead. Graffiti. Garbage everywhere. This is a vital stretch that links downtown to Fair Haven and it screams "poverty" "danger" "crime" "neglect" - messages that New Haven needs to work against. Is there something creative that could be done in this stretch? For example, trees simply don't survive - probably b/c of the huge salt piles leaking residue into the soil. Maybe, artistic metal trees in different colors could be created by local artists and "planted" along a stretch with new sidewalks and new fencing.
  • State Street (From Union Station To Bradley Street) New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown

    My bike commute from Upper State to the train station is a bit rough in the morning.

    It's pretty nerve-wracking to ride next to cars that are exiting/entering I-91. I'm worried that without being as defensive a rider as possible, I'm continually at risk.

    I would love to see a separated bike lane down this street easily connecting East Rock to Union Station. I know it's difficult because state DOT is a pain in the butt on these issues, but it would mean so much to me!!

    I think it would also add the following (please excuse the 'rant' format!):
    1) It would make less 'gung-ho' riders more open to ride this route and not drive long distances where a train were an option.
    2) There's plenty of physical land with the median to maintain 4 lanes of traffic, plus add two full bike lanes.
    3) Consolidating bike lanes together on the downtown side has the capability of creating a hospitable plaza area and thus make the businesses on that side of state more attractive to customers (plus more active street life = better place to bike/live/be).
    4) I feel like the land on the train tracks side has so much more potential than surface parking.

    I will try to add some images of what I'm thinking later.

    Bottom line:
    How do I set this project in motion? Thanks!!

  • Whitney Avenue New Haven, CT - Downtown

    I watched a meter maid issue a ticket to a car that had just pulled into a space and fed the meter. When I pointed out their was still time on the meter their reply was "so there is"

    Giving tickets even when paid is why no one comes here anymore. This has got to stop. Refused to give any ID info, but I know what they look like and will start video recording of these activities. You are warned.