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  • 3200-3348 Town And Country Ave Little Rock, AR 72204, USA - Boyle Park
    At least a dozen potholes.
  • potholes Archived
    13003-13403 Vimy Ridge Rd Alexander, AR 72002, USA - Chicot West
    multiple potholes on Vimy Ridge Rd
  • Wilbur D. Mills Fwy Little Rock, AR 72211, USA - Walnut Valley
    at Financial Parkway and 630, entering 630 the whole width of the road is one huge pothole. I bottomed out my automobile (at a very low speed)and was wandering who would be responsible for any repairs.
  • Chenal Parkway Little Rock, AR 72223, USA - Little Rock
    All up and down Chenal Parkway are multiple potholes. Once you miss one you are on top of another.
  • Plugged drain Archived
    4901 Kavanaugh Blvd Little Rock, AR 72207, USA - Heights
    Drain on NW corner of
    Cantrell & Kavanaugh
    does not drain & a huge (HUGE) puddle stands for a long time after rain and becomes an icy spot if freezing temps. It also hides the 2 very large potholes there!
  • Heart Stopper Archived
    1584-1690 S Shackleford Rd Little Rock, AR 72211, USA - Little Rock
    This pothole seems to keep coming back like an unwanted guest. When turning right from Executive Center Dr. onto Shakelford it is hard to miss
  • Street Light Archived
    David O Dodd Rd Little Rock, AR 72210, USA - Little Rock
    Left turn off Bowman onto Colonel Glenn Road only allows four cars through and people are running the light. Traffic backs up all the way up Bowman past the Baptist Health Support Center.
  • Boyle Park Little Rock, AR 72204, USA - Boyle Park
    There are currently at least five street lights out in the vicinity of pavilion 1 of Boyle Park.
  • Pothole! Archived
    6587-6599 Perryville Rd Little Rock, AR 72207, USA - Little Rock
    There's a pothole in the eastbound lane at this locations near the intersection of Perrryville and Cantrell Rd.
  • 12491-13101 U.S. 67 Little Rock, AR 72209, USA - Chicot West
    Needs fixing
  • 6631-6799 W Markham St Little Rock, AR 72205, USA - Midtown
    There's a big pothole near the curb and it's hard to see when it's dark. I ran through it twice before I started paying closer attention. Please fix it!
  • 6501-6515 Evergreen Dr Little Rock, AR 72207, USA - Midtown
    This pothole was repaired a few weeks ago but it has reappeared. Please repair!