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  • Heritage Way & S 2300 E & Interstate 80 Utah - Salt Lake City
    Only one of four lights at the underpass of I-80 at 2300 East westbound on ramp, works. It has been this way for more than a year.
  • Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, Utah - Downtown
    This is more of a suggestion of something I would like to see, and that is to equip strollers with reflective Gear as well as Wear for People that walk their Dogs, Bicyclers, Skaters, etc.
    There are so many People that think they can be seen in the dark because of streetlights but as a Driver you don't see them, esp if dressed in black! I've been on both sides of the fence and feel very strongly about this topic. Attached you can find a Picture of what I've been trying to explain to People but unless the State does anything it's pretty hard to get People to pay attention.
    This particular awesome reflective strap harness I bought at the Running Company (I-80 & 700E.) It works perfect.
  • 1345 East University Boulevard Salt Lake City, Utah - East Central
    In the center lane going westbound on University Blvd/500 South there is a large bump just before crossing the TRAX lines. It already has scrape markings on top of the bump as if people have struck it while driving over it. I have a moderately low car and I avoid the center lane because I'm afraid of hitting the bump with my undercarriage. I don't think it would take much to fix it, but it does seem to be getting worse over the past year or so.
  • 442-498 West University Boulevard Salt Lake City, Utah - Downtown
    The don't walk signal on the northwest corner of 500 South and 400 west does not light
  • 1005 Foothill Drive Salt Lake City, UT 84108, USA - Bonneville Hills
    This pothole has been repaired numerous times. However, each time the weather turns cold again, it opens back up larger than before.
  • 1300 South Between I-15 And State Salt Lake City, UT - People's Freeway
    This entire section of road is in severe disrepair. Potholes, raised pavement, debris, are all over this stretch. When will this be fixed?
  • 601-699 Foothill Drive Salt Lake City, Utah - East Bench
    The light to turn left into Research park at Foothill Drive Today was red for more than 10 minutes. It is right a 7 am when lots of people are trying to get into Research park.. The light does not change until a car is leaving research park and turning south on Foothill. This also happened last week.
    It is green for north and south on Foothill. Cars start to run the light and or they flip u turns tp head north on Foothill.
    I do no think the sensor is working to detect cars.
  • 2036-2060 South 1100 East Salt Lake City, UT 84106, USA - Sugar House
    Dangerous to bicyclists who are forced further from curb on an already narrow road.
  • Graffiti Archived
    I-80 600 East Salt Lake City, Utah - Central City
    There is graffiti on the overpass to I-80 going EB, underneath on 600 East wall, East side. 5 panels were tagged in the center and 1 was tagged on the center vertical post.
  • 333 L St Salt Lake City, Utah - The Avenues
    The asphalt street is collapsing into the storm drain on the southwest corner of 7th Ave and L St. because the concrete curbing is broken and missing. Had someone get stuck the other night.
  • 101 199 Cesar E. Chavez Blvd Salt Lake City, UT 84111, USA - People's Freeway

    On 500s on the east side of State street there are no lane markings making it unsafe for cyclists and motorists.

    As you approach the intersection an additional lane opens up after the last parking spot (west of last white line). There is no indication of whether the lane is a turn only or a straight/turn lane.

    There is a continuation of the lane on the other side of the intersection. So it seems this should be a straight & turn.

    Either way it needs to be marked.

  • I-80 And 700 East Salt Lake City, Utah - Sugar House
    The off-ramp from I-80 westbound onto 700E northbound is very dangerous due to vehicles stopping/yielding when they are supposed to merge with 700 East traffic. Drivers have a lane, but there are no barriers between it and the other 700 E lanes. Some vehicles will stop, not knowing what to do, and cannot be seen by drivers exiting I-80 at a high rate of speed.