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  • 717 South 5600 West Salt Lake City, Utah - Poplar Grove
    When is UDOT going to widen 5600 W between I-80 and the 201? One lane in each direction creates traffic backups every day...for several hours a day.
    And please do something about the sssslllllooooowwww moving trains in the same area.
  • 120 East 400 South Salt Lake City, UT 84111, USA - Central City
    The trees along the north side of 400 South just east of State street need to be trimmed. The branches are too low and obstruct pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk.
  • I-80 @ Parleys Canyon Salt Lake City, Utah - Sugar House
    There is a big bump in the length of 1 - 2 miles heading up Parley's Canyon. I drive a motorcycle and it messed up my wheels when I drove over the bump.
  • 700 East 800 South salt lake city, Utah - Central City
    At the light on 700 East to turn left onto 800 South - there has always been a green arrow to allow the left turn lane to turn left instead of waiting forever. Ever since the road construction happened on 700 East in the last couple of weeks it does not give a green arrow anymore. That left lane is getting very backed up because it takes too long to get through and I've sat there with other vehicles for about 25 minutes and have been late to work because of it. Is there anyway to get that fixed to make have a green arrow like it did before.
  • Unnamed Rd Salt Lake City, UT 84106, USA - Sugar House
    Someone cut one of the 2 infant/toddler swings at the playground on the SE corner of the park. The swing is unusable as is and will need to be replaced. This is a VERY high traffic playground.