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  • Turn signal Archived
    700 E 1300 S Salt Lake City, Utah - East Central
    For how busy this intersection is with pedestrians and vehicles..eastbound/westbound needs a turn signal badly. This is a safety issue.
  • Pothole Archived
    Interstate 80 Salt Lake City, UT 84109, USA - Salt Lake City
    2300 East overpass transition on I80 both directions is several inches deep by settling or such, there are large potholes both directions East Bound Center lane big one broken settling concrete west bound left lane
  • Pothole Archived
    I215 Salt Lake City, Utah - Glendale
    I215 from the on ramp at 3500 South Northbound past 700 North has so many pot holes when it has been black topped on the overpasses. It some spots where the black top is the black looks like it has buckled with the heat. Also going Southbound on I215 after you pass the California Ave overramp there is a bridge when you come off the black top it's a hard bump.
  • Other Acknowledged
    797 South 5600 West Salt Lake City, Utah - Poplar Grove
    I'm told by someone at Union Pacific that for some strange and incomprehensible reason, someone approved a switching station for the trains just east of 5600 West. The effect this has is to back up traffic going southbound to I-80 and northbound to California Avenue and beyond. Any time between 6am and 5pm that you encounter a train on this road, you can plan on 15+ minutes of wait time or join the crows of u-turners trying to find a way around it. Something has to be done. Why on earth can't we finish 7200 west to I-80 or do something about that stupid switching station? It adds almost the same amount of time to go around the train as to sit there and wait. How is is this acceptable? It's mindnumbingly aggravating to sit in your car waiting for a train for that long.All it does is send a bunch of angry drivers off to find another route and I watch them drive very aggressively after that and have trouble not doing the same because it's sooooo frustrating!
  • 1110 West 600 North Salt Lake City, UT - Fairpark
    from 1100 West to 1200 West on 600 North, there are significant potholes. When heavy trucks arrive at Smith's Grocery Store or drive through at a high rate of speed, there pot holes cause significant noise and shaking of the homes.
  • Pothole Archived
    358 S 700 E salt lake city, Utah - Central City
    There's a manhole covering in this lane that's very deep. If you don't know it's there, you could put your car out of alignment. I don't understand why it was left this way.
  • 4867 Harold Gatty Dr Salt Lake City, Utah - Salt Lake City
    Recently Stops signs have been added to the railroad tracks on Wright Brothers Drive and 5600 west. This is causing possible rear collisions especially since trains don't use those tracks more then once every couple months. Are they really necessary?
  • Potholes Archived
    1730 W 500 S Salt Lake City, Utah - Poplar Grove
    Potholes north bound bangalore highway 2100 so over pass .
  • I-15 Mile Post 307 Salt Lake, Utah - Poplar Grove
    Light towers (4) in this area have been nonfunctional since May 2014.
  • Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, Utah - Downtown
    This is more of a suggestion of something I would like to see, and that is to equip strollers with reflective Gear as well as Wear for People that walk their Dogs, Bicyclers, Skaters, etc.
    There are so many People that think they can be seen in the dark because of streetlights but as a Driver you don't see them, esp if dressed in black! I've been on both sides of the fence and feel very strongly about this topic. Attached you can find a Picture of what I've been trying to explain to People but unless the State does anything it's pretty hard to get People to pay attention.
    This particular awesome reflective strap harness I bought at the Running Company (I-80 & 700E.) It works perfect.
  • 1272 East 500 South Salt Lake City - East Central
    Leaky pipe beneath parking strip causes water to cover the sidewalk and freeze.
  • I-80 And 700 East Salt Lake City, Utah - Sugar House
    The off-ramp from I-80 westbound onto 700E northbound is very dangerous due to vehicles stopping/yielding when they are supposed to merge with 700 East traffic. Drivers have a lane, but there are no barriers between it and the other 700 E lanes. Some vehicles will stop, not knowing what to do, and cannot be seen by drivers exiting I-80 at a high rate of speed.