Center Congregational Church

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The area surrounding Center Congregational Church, including City Hall, Augusta Curtis Center, First Baptist Church, Stop & Shop and Parker Hose Co./Meriden Uptown Fire Department

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  • 391 East Main Street Meriden, Connecticut - Meriden
    The light on E Main St at Broad St when you are going towards Brown Jug Liquors only allows 3 vehicles to go thru before turning yellow. This is absolutely ridiculous that the 4th car has to almost run a red AFTER sitting for a 5 minute light cycle. This light routinely causes backups to the street behind Stop & Shop and makes it almost impossible to get out of Bank of America. I mean c'mon guys, I can see letting maybe 7 or 8 vehicles thru before turning yellow but 3 or 4 is unacceptable for the amount of traffic coming down from the highways and the top of E Main St
  • 230 East Main Street Meriden, Connecticut - Meriden

    I noticed the city repaired the potholes and "divots" I reported at the intersection of E. Main St and U.S. 5. But, the DPW overlooked the biggest "divot" of all.

    There is a manhole cover located almost directly in front of the All State Insurance Co. office on 230 E. Main St. It is so deep I look for it every time I drive past it. At night, sometimes I don't see it. But, when I do, "it" reminds me that "it" is still there. It's like dropping off a small cliff and then slamming up against a 2 & 1/2" abutment (made of asphalt) that jars me and my vehicle. I know that repeated encounters with this "canyon" is not doing the front end of my vehicle any good. In fact, I think it's quite damaging - as others who manage to not avoid it would agree. Something must be done to create a level driving surface over this manhole cover. The reason this "canyon/manhole" is so deep is because the road surface has been repaved more than once, but the manhole was never filled with asphalt to make it the same level as the surrounding roadway. This ROAD HAZARD HAS TO BE CORRECTED before the city of Meriden starts recieveing repair bills for damaged vehicles.

  • Broad St Meriden, Connecticut - Meriden
    Pot holes before and after the underpass. Please fix it, don't cover it up or try to band aide the problem:o)
  • 200 Olive St Meriden, CT - Meriden
    The sidewalk on olive st between high and elm st is completely destroyed. Areas of sidewalk uprooted by more than 3 inches. Parts of sidewalk completely smashed. Extremely dangerous. Putnam elementary school expects my child to walk this sidewalk from school to elm st. I can't even walk my baby's stroller on this sidewalk. My kid will end up walking in the street because the sidewalk is not accessible and this is very dangerous.