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  • 22 Rowe Place Bristol, CT 06010, USA - Bristol
    Very often, mostly weekends, kids are drinking at this residence. Majority if not all are under age. Appears to be no parent or parenting at this address. Bottles end up all around the neighborhood.
  • 201-421 Broad St Bristol, CT 06010, USA - Bristol
    how long are these tracks going to be like this? this crossing can cause damage to vehicles and is dangerous to motorcyclists!
  • Bristol CT 06010 - Bristol
    how do we get those who live in and around bristol to have CT license plates on their cars?? it really frosts me knowing that when i moved here i changed my plates within the required time, yet i see so many cars with out of state [vermont] plates and wonder if they are paying their fair share of property tax !!!!
  • drug dealing Archived
    63 Foley Street Bristol, CT - Bristol
    there is drug dealing going on out of the second floor apartment here, right behind the fire department and a stones throw from the police department...
  • Oakland Street Bristol - Bristol
    Drivers are consistently if not always over the speed limit. Some probably close to twice the limit. People are cutting through to by-pass Rt 6. When 72 opens it's going to get even worse. This is a residential area with many children.
  • Mercier Av bristol, CT - Bristol
    People speed down Mercier Av and people on Mercier Av call the police about this issue and nothing has been done about the speeders. We need speed bumps on the street because there are many children that play on the street and someones child is going to be killed.
  • Williams St Bristol CT - Bristol
    The sidewalks on Williams St are impossible to walk without tripping, you sure can't push a stroller on them.
  • 1-19 Andrews St Bristol, CT 06010, USA - Bristol
    Graffiti on the back wall of the building includes foul language disparaging Bristol. The building is on the corner of Andrews and Broad across the street from the TD Bank North. The building has a sign on it for Pheonix Motors.
  • Camp St Bristol, CT - Bristol
    This intersection is always backed up, especially heading east towards Rt72, in the morning, and heading west into Forestville, in the evening. Could we have a light, instead? Maybe it could be set on a timer, so it reverts to a blinking red during the off-hours.
  • Oakland St & Stearns St Ne Corner Bristol, CT - Bristol
    Due to the October Snowstorm the light pole is snapped about 2 ft up from the ground. This is a elementary school bus stop and it needs to be fixed!
  • 575 Broad St. Bristol, CT - Bristol
    The lack of monitoring by city zoning officials. It looks like a junk yard. Draws criminals and filth. They also operate at the rear of 575 Broad St. with NO concern for the Pequabuck River. There are serious environmental concerns here and no one does anything.
  • 147 Tulip St Bristol, CT 06010 - Bristol
    how many times a day i see cars blow threw the stop sign...and lets not forget the speeding??? wheres the police when this is happening?