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  • dead dog Archived
    High St Bristol, CT - Bristol
  • Blakeslee St And 72 Bristol, CT 06010, USA - Bristol
    Following up after a "repair" the holes opened up again, now deeper than they were originally
  • 311 Stevens St Bristol, CT - Bristol
    Large pothole around the catch basin in front of 311 stevens st.
  • Memorial Boulevard bristol, CT - Bristol
    flood. Most of the streets crosing the memorial boulevard are closed..the flood start at the middle school.
  • 77 Goodwin Street Bristol, CT - Bristol
    There is a huge pothole in the road on Goodwin Street right next to the Hospital parking lot. Ambulances constantly hit their tires. It has been like this since 4 months ago in MARCH. STILL NOT FIXED! Why? A very well travelled route for ambulances etc. I would think it would have been repaired by now???? It is now four months later JULY.
  • 1 Sheila Ct Bristol, CT 06010, USA - Bristol
    Every street on Farmington ave has a light Sheila ct needs one too. Sometimes it takes 10 to 15 min to get out on the ave. And if you want to take a left the traffic coming over the hill from Wallmart is flying 50 or 60 mph it's a bad accident waiting to happen please put a light in and save someone's mother, young daughter, or son or little baby.
  • 115 Magnolia Avenue Bristol, Connecticut - Bristol
    Another unregistered vehicle parked in back yard, leaking oil on a slope into a neighbors garden. How many times do police need to be contacted?
  • 501 Farmington Avenue Hartford - Bristol
    This is a Kentucky Fried Chicken location and the sidewalks in front of their building have not been shoveled all winter. They are treacherous and ice covered. There is a CT Transit bus stop in front of their building also and there has been no path shoveled from the stop to the street so people can board/disembark to/from the bus. Those of us waiting for the bus are forced to either chance our safety by climbing a snowbank and trying to get a foothold in it, hoping we do not fall under the bus, or wait in the street to board and flag the bus down. It is a very unsafe situation and KFC does not seem to care at all. Will it take a serious fall and possible lawsuit to get them to comply with the City of Hartford sidewalk clearning ordinances?
  • Mix St And Coventry Rd Bristol, CT - Bristol
  • Pot hole Archived
    Pine St Bristol, CT - Bristol
    there is a huge pothole on the street. Every time someone passes on it, it makes noise. It used to be smaller, now it is getting bigger.
  • 174 Garden St Bristol, CT 06010 - Bristol
    2 street lights out. 1 on corner of Academy and Garden. and the next one on Garden street.
  • 340-398 Vera Rd Bristol, CT 06010, USA - Bristol