Brookline, Mass., Public Works Dept.

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Watch area for Brookline, Mass., Public Works Dept.

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  • Cypress St @ Route 9 Brookline, MA 02445, USA - Brookline
    Weeks ago, someone dug two yard-square holes in the left lane of Route 9 (Boylston St) westbound, by the Room With A Vieux store, and only crudely filled them in. They are now sinkholes which are damaging vehicles which are forced into them because of the tight lanes there. Please fill them in. We'd also appreciate it if the town would prevent such negligent pavement work in the future.
  • Intersection Of St. Paul And Longwood Brookline, Massachusetts - Brookline
    The street right at the intersection of St. Paul Street and Longwood is out making intersection incredibly dark
  • 729 Newton Street Newton, MA - Brookline
    From 729-847 Newton Street
    1-234 Brookline Street
  • Fisher Hill Ave Brookline, MA - Brookline
    FISHER HILL AVE - lined with potholes. Just hit one at 15mph and destroyed tire
  • Icy sidewalk Archived
    1765-1799 Beacon St Brookline, Massachusetts - Brookline
    Sidewalks in front of 1793-1803 Beacon Street are very icy. The residents have not cleared the ice, and it is very dangerous for pedestrians.
  • 7 Winthrop Rd. Brookline, MA - Brookline
    There is a pothole at the edge of my driveway. I am concerned because it is attached to a sewer and hence might expand to be a bigger problem. I am also concerned that if it expands it could block my driveway.
  • Englewood Ave. Station Brookline, MA 02445, USA - Brookline
    Hi, there are three large potholes on Clinton Path at this location. At least one of the three is in excess of 6 inches deep.
  • 312 Harvard Street Brookline, Massachusetts - Brookline
    This steel plate is canted at a 45 degree angle from the bicycle traveling lane. The plate's 1.5" thickness can easily turn aside a thin tire and catch on the rim of a wheel, sending a cyclist underneath traffic. PLEASE RECTIFY ASAP
  • Washington St @ Winthrop Path Brookline, MA 02446, USA - Brookline
    There are two street lights out- one at the intersection of Winthrop Road and the top half of Winthrop Path, and the second is midway near the top section (not the Washington Street part). In light of the recent assault on a woman in the area, it would be much appreciated if the lights could be re-illuminated as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • Grove Street Into Newton Street brookline, Massachusetts - Brookline
    grove st into newton st needs repaving in numerous sections
  • two potholes Archived
    Essex St Brookline, Massachusetts - Brookline
    there are two potholes near the corner of Essex St. and Lenox St.
  • Washington Street Brookline, MA, USA - Brookline
    There is extremely limiting street lighting on Washington Street between the Grigg Road loop. It is almost impossible to identify houses at night. Also not safe