Brookline, Mass., Public Works Dept.

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Watching issues created after: 2009-10-05

Watch area for Brookline, Mass., Public Works Dept.

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  • 158 Pleasant St Brookline, MA 02446 - Brookline
    Roadway sinks due to construction
  • 180 Mountfort St Brookline, MA 02446 - Brookline
    the road is awful with several small potholes that cause a lot of axle ratteling
  • 12 Bemuth Rd. Brookline MA 02446 - Brookline
    This light keeps going off as I walk up the street at night. It makes the street dangerous.
  • 1064 Beacon St - Brookline
    What a mess! There's sand blowing everywhere...or perhaps it's cement.
  • 43 Dummer St Brookline, MA 02446 - Brookline
    There were clearly many potholes that were poorly filled and now there is a large set of mountains of asphalt filler which is almost as bad
  • Washington St. Brookline, MA - Brookline
    On the corner of Washington St. and Rte. 9 right next to Brookline Bank - the road is in terrible condition. It is wash-boarded and has many many potholes. It's only going to get worse over the winter and needs a proper fix now.
  • 65 Winthrop Rd Brookline, MA 02445, USA - Brookline
    The surface is now in very poor condition. It needs to be repaved!
  • Mountfort St And Carlton St Brookline, MA 02446, USA - Brookline
    The resurfacing of Mountfort St has left one segment of it in good shape; however, the intersection with Carlton St is in poor repair, with several potholes that are potentially dangerous to bicyclists.
  • 200 Washington St Brookline Ma - Brookline
    even if you press the button, all the other lights will cycle repeatedly and you'll never get a walk signal crossing Washington st heading east.
  • 175 Freeman Street - Brookline
    too many street lights are out in the coolidge corner area. A crew needs to scout at night to determin rather than wait for the local citizens to call.....also the dept who handles this needs to have greater accountability when a citizen reports an outage....too many reports get through the cracks and the job is not done.......the speed on pleasant street needs to be lowered to 25mps rather than 30mph for the entire is much too residential and the street is too narrow to have cars traveling at the higher speed
  • 50 Verndale Street - Brookline
    Some person "tagged" the fire alarm box outside of 50 Verndale Street
  • 1020 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA 02215, USA - Brookline
    A combination of sunken road way and poor drainage creates water pooling. This pool of water is splashed by passing cars into the T waiting area including areas underneath the covered booth.