Brookline, Mass., Public Works Dept.

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Watch area for Brookline, Mass., Public Works Dept.

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  • Somerset Rd Brookline, MA, USA - Brookline
    Two street lights out at the intersection of Winthrop Road and Winthrop Path. The light at the top blinks off and on. And the street light on the stairs near the top of the path is also out.
  • Carlton Street As Crosses Mass Turnpike - Outbound Side Toward Commonwealth Avenue - Brookline
  • Brookline MA 02445, USA - Brookline

    Roughly in this area, late during the week of 05/05/14. Difficult to see due to shade cast by trees when sunny in the afternoon.

    Pot hole was exceedingly deep and quite wide. Damage to car was extensive, requiring passenger front side fender splash shield, central splash shield, a sensor and wiring to be replaced. Alignment had to be redone.

    I will refrain from expressing in detail the frustration and anger as a resident of Brookline.

  • Boylston St Brookline, MA - Brookline
    The recent construction developed a smaller sized but deep pothole. It hurts my body the 1 time I forgot it was there and hit it!
  • 55 Marshall St Brookline, MA 02446 - Brookline
    The streetlight in the middle of the first block of Marshal St is out, making it very dark walking home. It's dangerous.
  • Brookline MA 02446, USA - exact address unknown - see street coordinates in DESCRIPTION box above - Brookline
    Series of major potholes on Mountfort ST between Carlton Street 7 park Drive
  • 1 Huntington Avenue Brookline, Massachusetts - Mission Hill
    There are no indications to drivers on Washington St that they are crossing a fairly major pedestrian/bike path. Recommend at least crosswalks. A lot of pedestrians and cyclists can pack up here waiting for traffic to clear to cross, and it creates a chaotic and potentially dangerous situation.
  • Pothole Archived
    255 St Paul Street Brookline, Massachusetts - Brookline
    pothole needs filling
  • 765 Washington Street Brookline, MA 02446, USA - Brookline
    Wife reported this over the phone last week. The ice is still there and dangerous.
  • 118 Griggs Road Brookline, MA - Brookline

    1) Street light flickers on the north side of the street (light located across from my driveway.

    2) Several potholes (2 large) on Griggs Road

  • 615 Hammond Street Chestnut Hill MA - Brookline
    Ever since that car accident that knocked out the lights, the timing has been way off, causing traffic to spill into the neighborhoods.
  • 149 Babcock St Brookline, MA 02446, USA - Brookline
    There are a couple of potholes on Babcock St in Brookline between Abbottsford Rd and Freeman St that are so large that they can easily cause a lot of damage to a car. Please fix immediately!!!!