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  • Pothole Archived
    510 Central Street Saugus, MA - Saugus
    pothole in street at driveway of 510 Central Street
  • Danforth Ave To Central Pl Saugus, MA - Saugus
    The sidewalks from Central Pl to Danforth Ave have become a hazard. Having lived here since 1977 I have never seen the sidewalks repaired or replaced. My 92 year old mother in law who resides at 31 Mountain Ave has to use a walker to assist her. Because of the the dangerous conditions on the sidewalk she is forced to use the street.
  • Rats Archived
    Oak Hill Saugus, MA - Saugus

    Have recived several from constituents who live in the Oak Hill section who say their homes and yards are being invaded with rats. They say they have called the Board of Health many times with no results. Could you please look into this.
    Thank you.

    Jeanie Bartolo
    Town Meeting Member
    Precinct 6

  • 266 Main St Saugus, MA - Saugus
    20 mph flashing school signs in the Oaklandvale school zone ; east-bound flashes yellow but 20 mph is not lit. west bound is not operating at all and has been turned around away from traffic. repair or remove would be a good thing. I know Rep. Angelo did a lot to get these signs bought/installed, it's a shame the condition they are in presently.
  • Corner Of Stone And Intervale Av Saugus, MA - Saugus
    sidewalk and street now over run with bushes ad tree branches dangerous intersection safety issue sidewalk can't be used
  • 35-45 Winter St Saugus, MA 01906, USA - Saugus
    I would agree with Peter on this issue. This needs a quick response vehicles continue to run over the cover causing it to sink even further.
  • 28 Emory St Saugus, MA - Saugus
    this section of sidewalk is getting worse. kids and parents walk this area for the waybright school. Its a trip hazard.
  • Main Street (Exit Near Bob'S Store) Northbound Rte. 1. Saugus, MA - Saugus
    Hello, The exit at the end near the Bob's store heading North on Rte. 1 has a large amount of stones, trash, etc. Can this area be cleaned up and resurfaced? Thank you.
  • 500-598 Central Street Corner Of Lincoln Avenue. Saugus, MA - Saugus
    Hello, Please review this location for heavy amounts of rain. it does not drain properly. Near MBTA bus stop, street is difficult to access from corner of Central Street.
  • Foster And Hamilton Saugus, MA - Saugus
    Storm drain on Northwest corner by Emergency Management Building is collapsing. Pavement grinding for Hamilton Street project stops just short of it
  • Adams Ave Saugus, MA - Saugus
    The "Rail Road Crossing Sign" is still up in a location that no longer has tracks across the road and is no longer active, but because of this sign school buses are required to come to a complete stop which is no longer necessary. This causes vehicles from both sides of the road to also come to complete stops due to the buses flashing lights and stop sign. Can we please have this sign removed. Thank you
  • Central St. And Webb Pl Saugus, MA - Saugus

    Mr. Attubato, I work at the MBTA Safety Department. One project I’m working on is to remove railroad protections at railroad crossings no longer being used, thereby reducing rear end collisions of buses, school buses and Haz Mat trucks required to stop at these inactive railroad tracks.

    At 335 Central Street there is an old Crossbuck that is left over from a rail bed that traversed the street. State law requires buses to stop when these protections are seen. Although drivers who use this road regularly most likely don’t stop, the new or incidental driver may brake when the sign is spotted causing a rear end collision.

    Is it possible to have sign removed so as not have these commercial vehicles required to stop and therefore reduce possible rear end collisions? Any help you could provide would be great.