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  • Harmon Rd Saugus, MA - Saugus
    Someone dumped 3 Lg trash bags near the entrance of Harmon Rd. These bags are on the right hand side. Bags seem to be leaking redish liquid.
  • 8 Stillings Rd Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus

    I have sent several messages. Pls cut the tree branches blocking the street lite at 8'Stillings. It is dark & dangerous. I have sent several messages and it is still not done.

    Thank you

  • Griswold Road Saugus, MA - Saugus
    Multiple potholes on Griswold Road.
  • Pothole Archived
    Broadway Saugus, MA - Saugus
    dangerous potholes under Essex street overpass
  • 1 Sweetwater Street Saugus, MA - Saugus
    There is a massive pothole at the corner of Sweetwater Street and Howard Street. The pothole makes it difficult to make a right hand turn onto Sweetwater Street. Please fix.
  • Tree Issues Archived
    7 Centennial Ave Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    Tree in front of our house, believe on town property, is quickly falling apart.
    Every time we have a slight wind or storm large limbs fall onto wires, the street (no sidewalk), parked cars in driveway or on street and onto our home causing damage to all.
    Last night multiple large limbs fell onto the roof our house destroying the gutters, and chipping paint off of car. Had to get on roof to cut up limbs and move to safe place.
  • Other Archived
    1-33 Serino Way Saugus, MA 01906, USA - Saugus
    power outage! ;)
  • 51 Ballard St Saugus, MA 01906, USA - Saugus
    Street light out
  • Hamilton & Riverbank Saugus, MA - Saugus

    Two street lights are out:
    1) at the corner of Hamilton Street & Riverbank Street - pole # 50

    2) at the corner of Riverbank &
    Bryant St. pole #55

  • 54 Lincoln Ave. Saugus, MA - Saugus
    Wire hanging on sidewalk for 2 days now.
  • light out Archived
    Jennifer Drive Saugus, MA - Saugus
    Pole #2 Jennifer drive
  • Tree Issues Archived
    Wolcott Rd Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    The town needs to cut the trees that can cause major power outage or property damage if a large storm hits – the trees belong to the town and the leafs and branches can cause blockage to the drain which can lead to flooding issues. Please cut back portions of the trees