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  • 37-41 Waban Street Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    street light has been out for numerous months, at least 6 months or more. pitch black and could cause a safety issue. Can we get a light bulb up in here!! light up my life please!
  • Sign Repair Archived
    73-99 Lily Park Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    The street traveling from Lilypond ave to Lily Park ave is a one way street but the signs are not clear. There is no one way sign facing the traffic only a oneway sign facing a drive way, nor is there a do not enter sign. The no left turn sign is way off in the corner and is very easy to ignore. People driving over the hill can not see the oncoming traffic, which has almost caused countless head on collisions including one with myself causing me to drive into a persons yard just inches short of a tree.
  • Pothole Archived
    Forest Street Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    Large pothole on Forest Street near Main Street
  • 109 Greatwoods Rd Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    Street Light out at 109 Greatwoods Rd Pole 52 end of the street is pitch black and cars are dumping into the woods.
  • Pothole Archived
    Lincoln Ave And Chestnut Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    There is a large pot hole just as you get to the lights coming from Chestnut to Lincoln Ave
  • Snow Removal Archived
    1-99 Twilight Road Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    Please plow Harmon, Twlight & Traveler Road
  • Pothole Archived
    Griswold Road Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    There is a medium sized pothole in the middle of Griswold Road.
  • Tree Issues Archived
    78 Main St. Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    Hi, My driveway is located in between twoTown trees which happen to grown long weeds from the bottom up. Could you please put a request in to get the brush cut back? This makes it very difficult to see when backing out onto Main St. Thank You
  • Pothole Archived
    Arnold Terrace And Lincoln Avenue Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    Pothole on Lincoln Avenue as you emerge from Arnold Terrace.
  • Pothole Archived
    Johnston Terrace Saugus Ma - Saugus
    There is a large pothole several inches deep at the bottom of Johnston Terrace off Grove Street that needs to be repaired. It is one of the worst I have seen. Thank you in advance!
    Jeanie Bartolo
    Town Meeting Member
    Precinct 6
    Precinct 6
  • Jackson Street Saugus Ma - Saugus
    Someone dumped old furniture and other items on the sidewalk near 17 Jackson street. Could you please ask the DPW crew to remove it. Many thanks,
    Jeanie Bartolo
    Town Meeting Member
    Precinct 6
  • 1 Caslerock Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    House being demoed , yard all dug up to bare dirt , guardrail removed , all within 30 feet of 2nd lake . No permits displayed , no DEP # ,and a silt barrier half installed ,house is vacant and still has for sale sign on property .