Oregon Hill

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  • 117 S Cherry St Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Vcu
    Dangerous, stands out in contrast to sidewalk across the street at VCU
  • 1254/1256 Parkwood Ave Richmond, VA - The Fan
    Rug and garbage were dumped about two weeks ago. Couch joined the party a few days later. Should be removed as it is spilling into the driveway and is pretty unsanitary.
  • Monroe Park Richmond, VA - Vcu

    While local activists have taken up the cause of public outcry over this most recent piece of VCU branding illegally erected on city property within Monroe Park, it is in fact a code enforcement issue and needs to dealt with immediately (and vocally) by the city.

    Since code enforcement is not 'category' option, I assume this posting will not be moved, reassigned, or removed, but dealt with and commented on by the city.

  • 1264 Parkwood Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    It's hard to know what the address is here because the numbers are not easily visible and it's partially an empty lot. But there's graffiti on the back, exposed fence. And, of course, the sidewalk and yard are overgrown. But that seems to be a given on this block.
  • 123 S Laurel St Richmond, VA - Vcu
    The sidewalks down S. Cherry st in between Cumberland Ave and W Cary St are very dangerous. Numerous people including myself have fallen because of the sidewalks. Bricks are missing the tree roots are making the sidewalk uneven and difficult to walk on. Also these sidewalks are difficult for handicap persons to access my house at 139 S. Cherry.
  • Other Archived
    501 South Randolph Street Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Randolph
    Badly damaged sidewalk
  • 1220 Parkwood Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    There are no numbers visible here and the alleyway doesn't have a visible name, but this address should be good enough; it's the first right on Parkwood after the Harrison St. intersection, tucked behind the VCU West Cary Parking deck. Head up the little access road to the alley and look to your right.
  • Potholes Archived
    Ramp From Canal Onto Downtown Expressway Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Potholes on the entrance ramp to the Downtown Expressway off Canal at 7th.
  • 1800-1700 Blocks Of Floyd Avenue Richmond, VA - The Fan
    The speed limit has been reduced to 20mph on Floyd Ave although you would not know it, especially between the 1800-1700 blocks. There are no speed limit signs, no 15mph near the crosswalk signs like the ones at the Strawberry St intersection, and no proper signage around the roundabouts. Binford Middle School now has cars zooming by between 30-45 mph.
    I am assuming the 15mph signs at the crosswalk at the interaction at Strawberry St are there to help pedestrians walk home from Fox Elementary. That is great! However it is three blocks away from the school. There are no signs like that DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF BINFORD.
    I have seen the speed checker up on Monument to remind people about speeding. We need that ASAP at the 1800 block because people don't even know what the speed limit is. Someone is going to get hurt. Most likely a small child or a Binford student. Stop signs at the school would be best. They have a speed bump and a stop sign at the Warsaw. How lucky for them. What about the students at Binford. This is poor planning and insulting to these families. Please put up speed limit signs ASAP. The roundabouts at Binford need stop signs or speed bumps for the vehicle traffic ASAP.
  • Potholes Archived
    311 South Laurel Street Richmond, VA - Oregon Hill
    The potholes in the alley behind 309 and 311 South Laurel Street are huge. They are damaging the underside of my car when I pull in to my parking spot. When it rains, they flood and I cannot drive back there at all. I will continue to press this issue until they are fixed.
  • 1000 Idlewood Ave Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 4
    The storm drains at the intersection of Linden St and Idlewood Ave are silted up and do not drain a significant amount of water. The attached photo shows the amount of ponding resulting from just 0.3" of rain on 6/5/14.
  • 418 S Laurel St Richmond, VA - Oregon Hill
    The young men living at 418 S Laurel st. routinely get drunk out front of this address and start screaming obscenities and cursing at passersby and at nothing. The time of day or night does not seem to matter. I have spoken to them multiple time b/w 12 and 2 am their response was that I was being disrespectful for asking them to please be quiet and told me that they did not care if the police were called since they have been called times before and did nothing. This is a neighborhood with children and people who have to get up early to work, these young men do not seem to care who their actions affect or how. Are there no fines for drunk in public, creating a nuisance, or noise violations?