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  • 270 Center Street West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    The dumpsters in the parking lot is always overflowing and all over the ground. Rats can be seen near the trash regularly. There is also quite a bit glass in the parking lot that seems to come from the bar that shares the same parking lot. The whole area is rarely cleaned.
  • 217-219 East Avenue. West haven, Ct - West Haven
    Hello. I have lived in this house for ten years. I have finally given up with this town. Not because of building and zoning but because of the overwhelming cases they must have. I have decided to put my house on the market and even though I will be living without a house, I will be much happier knowing I am one step closer to relocation. I have been looking at a few blanket/ tarps wrapped in leaves and a pink bag full of something since the fall time. I question if this is just covering the toxic paints that were cleaned from the basement last year. Not only that but there is garbage piled up on each side of the house. The front porches have had furniture store on it in a manner in which it can not even be used for months. Can the city of west haven help me clean this area up? I have been looking at this kind of thing for a while and have had enough. The landlord does not care about this area at all as we have had to do this before. I think they should be sited for blight and forced to clean up the property that she collects rent on and we are forced to look at, which actually brings our property value drown. I'd also question the legality of some of the cars that are parked at night time in at the intersection of east and William st. I have seen people take license plates off one car and put them on another to appear like they are legit. I have to pay at least 8k per year in order to live here. Do you think we can have a cruiser run the plates on a few vehicles down here to make sure they are registered to the cars they belong to and current? Lastley, props up to building and zoning and the w.h.p.d. , they certainly have their hands full and can be overwhelmed in this town. Good luck to everybody working and striving to make this a better place or just get out! Thanks.
  • Campbell Ave West Haven, CT - West Haven

    On Campbell ave, more specifically from the corners of Park St. to Atwater St., cars are always parking on the corners and it makes crossing Campbell Ave a real challenge. You need to move up so far into crossing traffic just to see and people drive too fast on Campbell to be able to judge anything.

    A lot of these corners have parking spots painted on the street but they are just too close to the corners. Some people ignore these spots and park right on the corner, and that makes it impossible to see.

    I cant tell you how many times Ive had to depend on the car opposing me to know when it is safe to cross Campbell Ave. Its pretty dangerous if you ask me.

  • 123 Prospect Ave West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    Instead of using the public sewer system, this particular house drains their shower water through a pipe onto the sidewalk and street daily between 6:30-8:00am. Sudsy, soapy water is not safe for children to play in or animals to accidentally drink. This is a health hazard, but the city building department does nothing- when we've reported this, we were told the women who live there claim it is a pipe from a sump pump. Well, none of the other sump pumps on the hill have run for over a week (it hasn't rained for 9 days!) and when they do run, it is not with scented bubbling water at the same time we happen to shower, it is after (or during a storm)- the women in this house have no respect for the environment or people around them.
  • car muffler Archived
    71 Leete St West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    PT cruiser that visits71 leete st west haven ct is missing a muffler. She visits friends/family late at night waking up the neighborhood and I live a block and a half away. Thanks, please resolve
  • 373-399 Ocean Ave West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven

    Despite having reported the issue to both AT&T (phone company) and UI (electric company) multiple times over the last 2 months, no one has been dispatched to trim back the tree that is growing through the phone, cable, and electric wires. You can hear the lines stress when the wind blows - this is a dangerous situation.

    The pole is marked SNET 2727; I'll upload a photo of the pole marker, too.

  • Washington Ave West Haven, CT - West Haven

    I see the Police driving down Washington ave doing at least 70 Mph sometimes. No sirens no lights nothing. This neighborhood (Brown st. down to the beach on Washington) is full of kids that play outside. Also I see a ton of accidents at one particular corner on Washington Ave and cars arent even going that fast. Are they going to do it until they kill someone?

    I know they have the right to speed to get somewhere in emergencies but with no lights, no sirens?! stopping at a stop sign!?

  • 98 Blohm Street West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    This area is routinely ignored by Public Works. These sidewalks at Blohm and Morse are solely the city's responsibility. Yet the PW dept fails again and again to clear them of overgrowing weeds and also snow in the winter. If only they could apply a fraction of the alacrity they apply to beach grooming ... Which appears to happen at the cost of far more important things.
  • 305-385 Saw Mill Rd West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven

    This needs to be address immediately! Timing on light is not efficient traffic gets extremely backed up here for cars waiting to get on highway. Numerous motorists making u-turns, due to short timing of turn signal to get on the ramp. Fix It!


  • 270 320 Beach St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Due to the city's unwillingness to fix a fence that has been broken for years, people have bypassed the dune overpass (now so broken down that it is impassable) and tramped across the dune, thereby eroding it and causing sand to completely cover the sidewalk. This is just one stretch of sidewalk that has sand all over it on Beach Street; there are numerous other spots with the same problem. The city seems to think it's more important to have the beach groomer replace ugly footprints with tire marks than it is to instead use the resources to maintain infrastructure. Go West Haven!!
  • 463 Second Ave. West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    With most of the residents of Second Ave. needing parking on the street, the plows keep coming by and only plowing the center of the street, not the sides. Can someone tell these plow operators that if there is no cars on the side of the road, to plow all the way to the curb? There are no cars there because we are waiting for you to do your job and push the snow back so we can have parking again.
  • Beach St And Peck Ave West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    These storm drains on both sides of peck, right at Beach, have been clogged for MONTHS. across the street the beach gets groomed over and over while drains remain clogged, the fence across the street is falling apart. Nero fiddled while Rome butned