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  • 451 N E St Hamilton, OH, 45013, USA - Hamilton
    I live at 262 North F st. and the neighbor behind me has had a mattress and a couch cushion and other garbage behind there garage in the alley for months and there is bags of garbage laying just on the other side of there fence for months also. And the neighbor next to me has had a couch sitting in the alley behind the garage for a month also.
  • Other Archived
    366 Jerlou Ln Edgewood 41017, United States - Edgewood
  • Other Archived
    3082 Balsam Ct Edgewood 41017, United States - Edgewood
    Clogged storm inlet
  • 325 Hooven Ave Hamilton, OH, 45015, USA - Hamilton
    Old mattress by garage in ally. Has been there for 3 weeks. Pool is worn and torn and when windy makes noise. Garage is falling apart. There is piece of gutter hanging from wire on side of house that has been there approximately 3 months. Makes noise when windy.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Oh-4 Bypass Fairfield, OH 45015, USA - Hamilton
    There's graffiti on this bridge when headed south you can see it
  • 625 N E St Hamilton, OH, 45013, USA - Hamilton
    There is trash everywhere in their backyard. It’s a health concern and a fire concern at this point. It’s just piling up kore and more and they refuse to do anything about it
  • 262 N Eastview Pkwy Hamilton 45011, United States - Hamilton
    These front bushes are grossly overgrown and need to be cut! Front porch looks trashy and needs to be cleaned up
  • 930 Ally Way Independence, Kentucky - Independence
    Street light turns on and off throughout the night
  • 835 Fawnhill Dr Edgewood 41017, United States - Edgewood
  • 1287 Parrish Ave Hamilton, OH 45011, USA - Hamilton
    K090136 Is out
  • 1311 Parrish Ave Hamilton, OH 45011, USA - Hamilton
    K090135 is cycling on and off
  • 601-649 Corwin Ave Hamilton, OH 45015, USA - Hamilton
    I live across the street from and old elementary school that has recently been purchased. The new owners are not taking care of the land and have been accumulating several destroyed vehicles that are sitting in the parking lot. It looks terrible.