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  • 300 Martin Luther King Dr W Cincinnati, OH 45220, USA - Cuf
    This is both annoying and dangerous. It will be a particular problem when ice and snow come. Clearance would be much appreciated by pedestrians.
  • 930 Ally Way Independence, Kentucky - Independence
    Street light turns on and off throughout the night
  • 601-649 Corwin Ave Hamilton, OH 45015, USA - Hamilton
    I live across the street from and old elementary school that has recently been purchased. The new owners are not taking care of the land and have been accumulating several destroyed vehicles that are sitting in the parking lot. It looks terrible.
  • Ardmore Ave cincinnati, Ohio - Golf Manor
    from Hammel fair oaks ave. on Ardmore ave. there must be fifty problem areas. this issue has been 8 months or more i've been reporting. most of the other streets in golf manor are being fixed , but not this one
  • Street Signs Archived
    113 S Wlall St Loveland, OH 45140, USA - Loveland
    Test Issue - stop sign is bent
  • 158 Englage Rd Loveland, Ohio 45140, United States - Loveland
    [test issue] Light is broken and not lighting up at night
  • 166 S Lebanon Rd Loveland, Ohio 45140, United States - Loveland
    pothole near edge of road needs fixed.
  • 1603 W Loveland Ave Loveland, Ohio 45140, United States - Loveland
    lamp is broken and hanging down
  • Street Signs Archived
    111 Wall St Loveland, OH 45140, USA - Loveland
    Stop sign down
  • Traffic lihht Archived
    Cleve'S Warsaw And Anderson Ferry Cincinnati, Ohio - Hamilton County

    Ever since the road was paved, the timing of light is off. Cleve's Warsaw gets turn arrow no matter if car in lane or not, no matter the time of day or not. Also, Linneman and Cleve's Warsaw changed since paving.


  • 8876 Tecumseh Lane RYLAND HEIGHTS, Kentucky - Ryland Heights
    the street light in front of our house is most of the time out at night which is a little scary.
  • Ardmore Ave. cincinnati, ohio - Golf Manor
    50 or more pot holes have been filled, but this street is still a mess, almost makes me want to avoid it altogether.