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  • 1555 Main St Hamilton, OH 45013, USA - Hamilton
    This traffic signal takes forever to change on the Meijer side can the timing be adjusted because it takes so long to change even very late at night.
  • Tree Issues Archived
    424 Sherman Ave Hamilton 45013, United States - Hamilton
    I have spoken with the arborist regarding this tree before and he stated it was “yellow”
    indicating partially dead. The conversation implied we could revisit the convo in the Spring, but I am not able to reach anyone when calling in. I would like this free evaluated and hopefully removed. I am willing to support planting a new tree to reconcile the loss.
  • 1203 Reservoir St Hamilton, OH, 45011, USA - Hamilton
    The house behind our property is stock piling wood in the alley. It is making it difficult for us to park in our driveway.
  • 995 Kahn Ave Hamilton 45011, United States - Hamilton
    People dumping trees behind my property
  • 3130 Benninghofen Ave Hamilton, OH, 45015, USA - Hamilton
    I was contacted via social media in reference to this address. The complaint is that the resident is running a "Dumpster/Junk Removal/Property Clean Out" out of his home. At various times through out the week, the resident parks and or has half and sometimes full dumpsters on his property or on a flatbed trailer in his driveway. The caller advised that it often stinks very badly. The caller also complained that the resident has at least 3 junk non running cars to the rear of the property. The caller is concerned for when the weather gets warmer, that the trash will attract bugs, rodents, and will stink more than it already does.
  • Grass and Weeds Acknowledged
    Carriage Hill Ln Hamilton, OH, 45013, USA - Hamilton
    This has been a problem for years, ever since the school has been removed. Nobody edges the sidewalk. It's awful. Now, with COVID it's a must to-do. The sidewalk is no longer a 2 person sidewalk. It's so close, only one person can be on the sidewalk. I'm elderly. I walk that area. Then, kids come by on the bicycle. Wonderful. I'm glad they are out, only they don't know to go in the grass, around me, because there isn't enough room for a 2 second pass. I end up going in the grass and it's not even in many places, dips, potholes. I could easily twist an ankle. All I'm asking is fix it now - it's bad - and then have this be part of the maintenance to edge every other month. That would help. Thank you.
  • 3209 Laurel Oak Ct Edgewood, KY, 41017, USA - Edgewood
    The drain from Victory park between 3209 Laurel Oak Ct and 3207 Laurel Oak Ct is a muddy nasty mess. People have slipped and fallen because of it. Debris from the park comes down the drain and prevents water from flowing down the drain and it overflows into the street.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    31 Essex Ct Hamilton, OH, 45013, USA - Hamilton
    the city replaced apron on drive but removed blacktop where the curb should be, leaving a large drop off and car can not clear without hiting the bottom of car.
  • Grass and Weeds Acknowledged
    2919 Noble Ave Hamilton, OH, 45015, USA - Hamilton
    Once again the grass is out of control again at 2919 Noble Ave! This property has been without utilities for over two years now. The owner has abandoned the property other then to appear once or twice a year when the health dept brings him to court. This is just plainly ridiculous that as a home owner we have to put up with this for so long. The house is not even able to be lived in according to the health dept as of last year. The ceilings inside have fallen down from raccoons and squirrels living in the attic.. Please something needs to be done this year to rid our neighborhood of this blighted property for once an for all!!!
    Thank you!
  • Tree Issues Archived
    1540 Colony Terr Hamilton 45013, United States - Hamilton
    Two dead scrub trees dangerously close to lines. Similar issue last year , every time wind would blow tree would make the wires give off sparks .
  • Tree Issues Archived
    1041 Noyes Ave Hamilton, OH 45015, USA - Hamilton
    mostly dead tree hanging over street, limbs are constantly falling into road and onto cars causing a driving and safety hazard.
  • Tree Issues Archived
    999 Kahn Ave Hamilton, OH 45011, USA - Hamilton
    power lines are running through the tree branches and needs to be cut to protect any damage to the lines.