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  • 7861 Perry St Mount Healthy 45231, United States - Mount Healthy
    White Chevy pickup truck parked at 6:40pm on Feb 11 and never moved again.
  • 5632 Taylor Mill Rd Taylor Mill 41015, United States - Taylor Mill
    Green middle circle not working , tilting very loose, broken
  • Grass and Weeds Acknowledged
    1217 Central Ave Hamilton, OH 45011, USA - Hamilton
    these weeds need to be taken care of. they are taller than a 10year old. these is another patch just down from the picture.
  • 701 Prytania Ave Hamilton, OH 45013, USA - Hamilton
    Box Spring and Box's blocking sidewalk for past 3 WEEKS?
  • Tree Issues Archived
    981 Corliss Ave Hamilton, OH, 45011, USA - Hamilton
    Branches in and around cable and power lines
  • Parks Archived
    1171 Clovernook Dr Hamilton, OH, 45013, USA - Hamilton
    Approx. 1 month ago someone with a 4wheeler ran into the fence post at the end of Clovernook Dr. at the property where Monroe elementary school was. I call the Hamilton police and had an officer come out and take a report, but had no response from the city since.
    the damaged fence pole is bent over about 30deg. and looks as if it will snap off at the base if straightened up. it makes it hard to mow my lawn.
    I know the city has a lot of work on there hands but if time permits I appreciate any help you could render.
  • 667 Norman St Wilmington OH 45177, United States - Wilmington
    Stove, mattress, sofa, debris been present for several months.
  • 1003 Vine St Hamilton, OH, 45011, USA - Hamilton
    Missing siding on this property
  • Tree Issues Archived
    999 Kahn Ave Hamilton, OH 45011, USA - Hamilton
    Tree branches broke during the storm, we cut down as much as we could. wondering if the city can haul the big trunks away they are in the street near the curb as best as we could move them.
  • 108 Tari Ct Hamilton, OH, 45013, USA - Hamilton
    Leak between curb and street
  • 1790 N Erie Blvd Hamilton, OH 45011, USA - Hamilton
    I080008 is out
  • 1940 Fairgrove Ave Hamilton, OH 45011, USA - Hamilton
    H100005 Is out also has Duke pole number on it