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  • Pothole Archived
    Bethel New Richmond Road New Richmond, Clermont, Ohio - Clermont County
    Large Pothole on Bethel New Richmond (Hit it yesterday blew tire not sure about the Rim) South rough guess 1400 address area, I was able to pull in the 1392 address to call for assistance. No Image Time Approx 2pm 3/15/14
  • onramp n. 71 Archived
    Interstate 71 Cincinnati, Ohio - Walnut Hills
    from e. mcmillan to the on ramp to n.71 there are many pot holes for approximately 1/4 mile
  • 2609 Jefferson Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio - Cuf
    from corry blvd. to E. university ave. on jefferson ave. there are 2 or 3 larger potholes
  • 2528 Ardmore Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio - Golf Manor
    from hammel to losantiville the entire street of ardmore is full of potholes probably 50 holes or more thanx a million
  • West End Of Forfiet Run @ Hamilton Cincinnati, Ohio - Hamilton County
    At the west end of forfeit run road at Hamilton AVE there are several large potholes
  • Westwood Northern Blvd Cheviot, OH - Cheviot
    The road of Westwood northern Blvd from Race Rd to North Bend is absolutely ridiculous. There is not a smooth spot on this short strip of road. The stop sign that turns left onto School Section Rd from Westwood northern Blvd is the worst. This needs to be addressed immediately. Having issues like this in such an upstanding neighborhood is absurd. Get it together Cheviot. Drive your roads and see what the issues are.
  • Edwards Cincinnati, OH - Hyde Park
    There are several potholes on the right hand side on Edwards Avenue (across from Joseph Beth's book store). Two of my tires and wheels were damaged and my hubcaps flew off. I ended up spending $600.00 (which I had to put onto a credit credit. This has been a financial stressor for a single mother trying to survive.
  • 1347 Ohio Pike Amelia, Ohio - Clermont County
    Recently when the convenient store was closed and lights were out, it was totally dark and could not see the curbs to turn from St.Rt. 125 to White Oak Rd. Is it possible to spray reflective paint around the turning curbs so that headlights could light up the curbs ?
  • East Liberty Street Cincinnati, Ohio - Mount Auburn
    Coming from N. St.Rt. 42 from Playhouse, each time I come to the intersection at Liberty to turn onto I-471 it is so dark that you can not see to turn left onto the entrance ramp. Too many times, I almost turned into the off coming lane instead of the correct entrance lane to the right of that. Is it possible to have reflective paint on the curb areas to light up the path where the entrance lane is ? Otherwise, that intersection should be lighted as traffic heading North on 42 blind any driver trying to find the entrance.
  • 468-498 Victor Stier Dr Milford, OH 45150, USA - Milford
    Post is broken
  • 300 Martin Luther King Dr W Cincinnati, OH 45220, USA - Cuf
    This is both annoying and dangerous. It will be a particular problem when ice and snow come. Clearance would be much appreciated by pedestrians.
  • 930 Ally Way Independence, Kentucky - Independence
    Street light turns on and off throughout the night