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  • 5637 Bluepine Drive Cincinnati, Ohio - Dent
    All along Bluepine dr there are many potholes.
    How can we get them fixed. I am tired of fixing flat tires
  • 4591-4599 Smith Road Norwood, Ohio - Norwood
    Multiple potholes, etc. in the south/west-bound lanes on Smith Rd. You basically can't drive around them, especially since they are in the middle of the intersection.
  • 1074 Cherryknoll Ct Edgewood, Kentucky - Edgewood
    I take my kids to Dixie Heights. My route is to take Lyndale, make a left on to Dixie. We get a green arrow to turn left and cars try to go but kids do not obey the traffic signs and walk. We barely get any cars thru turning left and I have seen kids come running thru the crosswalk when we have a green arrow. Kids may get hit. I see this everyday. The other lights at the Dudley intersection have the green arrows at the end of the light cycle. Wondering if the cycle of the green arrow at Lyndale can be changed to the end as well to prevent any accidents and allow cars to turn left with no kids walking.
  • 29 W Main amelia, clermont, Ohio - Amelia
    huge potholes in the east bound lane --huge ones running all the way to Dollar tree
  • 2001-2009 Mapletree Lane Independence, Kentucky - Kenton County
    Mapletree ln is eroding on it's edges into a drainage ditch and puddles of standing water that leave nowhere to walk except in the middle of the road- unsafe. No sidewalks connecting mapletree sidewalk with rt17 sidewalk where 17 was widened and connected back to mapletree- forgotten?
  • Kentucky 17 Independence, Kentucky - Kenton County
    Pothole patches failed, multiple potholes northbound rt17 north of Pelly rd and also at the bottom of the hill on 17 northbound right before traffic light at old 17 intersection
  • Potholes Archived
    264 Glendale Milford Road Loveland, Ohio - Clermont County
    There are numerous large and deep potholes on SR 126 between the bend away from the Little Miami River and Wards Corner Road
  • Applegate Cheviot, Ohio - Cheviot
    There is a new pothole on Applegate ave right before t ok u get to Alta vista .
  • 3076 Sentry Court Edgewood, KY 41017, United States of America - Edgewood
  • Oldfield Road Cincinnati , Ohio - Hamilton County
    Old Colerain between Kemper Road all the way to bottom & across the East Miami River bridge. Including the bridge. Damaged road, potholes, debris
  • East Miami River Road Cincinnati, Ohio - Grandview
    Road conditions are horrible between Old Colerain & Scull Road. Very hazardous & detrimental to any car/truck/motorcycle
  • Interstate 75 Covington, Kentucky - Covington
    There are a lot of potholes in all lanes just south of the bridge on 71/75 South. Please fix them!