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  • 300 W. Cherry St. Georgetown, Ohio - Georgetown
    rental tenants who need to go back to the farm. At any given moment they have tractors, dune buggies, 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, etc in excess junking up their yard. They park a full size semi on the sidwalk and drive trucks straight into their yard over th sidewalk, no problemo. they have relatives living in an RV (with electric cord running to it) next to their house. I will also add those driving the off road vehicles are probably under the age of 10. Why doesnt anyone stop this behavior?
  • 855 Coleman Dr Hamilton, OH, 45013, USA - Hamilton
    Behind this address, and beyond this address's property line is a makeshift roadway that this resident has been storing multiple pieces of equipment at the end of the road inside the wood line to try and hide. Every other citizen either has to keep their equipment on their property within certain limits as well, or find a storage facility to keep their things stored properly. This can be verified by Google maps.
  • 330 S B St Hamilton, OH 45013, USA - Hamilton
    please have this building owner maintain the weeds on the sidewalk. this happens every year. they never maintain the sidewalk through out the year
  • Harrison Avenue westwood, ohio - Westwood
    i have been approached on 3 different occassions at the walgreens on harriosn ave (across from white castle) at the redbox. young people begging for money all with similar stories: traveling from another state or city, car broke down and they need money for bus. beware! it is scary after dark to be approached at the redbox.
  • Grass and Weeds Acknowledged
    330 N 5th St Hamilton, OH, 45011, USA - Hamilton
    The grass needs cut. It iui s destroying my flower beds & garden. Its seeds are blown all over my yard again. And the smell from the house can not be safe. I dont know if it's a dead animal or what but it's disgusting & smells like sewage.
  • 3907 Carrie Ave cheviot, ohio - Cheviot
    a few years ago a reckless driver took out a street pole with light and it was never replaced. since then, a LOT of petty theft has happened on this street. please replace the street light and pole. it helps keep down the crime.
  • 1890 Hancock Ave Hamilton, OH 45011, USA - Hamilton
    On the Eastbound lanes between Parrish and Howell there is a big bump that could use a patch of blacktop over it.
  • Tree Issues Archived
    81 Garfield Ave Hamilton, OH, 45015, USA - Hamilton
    dead tree limbs hanging from 81 garfield's property over my property. It is a hazard to park under or walk under, and cannot sit in back yard because of it.
  • 789 Laurel Ave Hamilton, OH 45015, USA - Hamilton
    potholes need filled
  • Grass and Weeds Acknowledged
    712 Cleveland Ave Hamilton, OH, 45013, USA - Hamilton
  • Montgomery Road Norwood, Ohio - Norwood
    Pothole on Montgomery Road before you get to Dana Ave.
    toward the center of right hand lane.
  • 1605 See Ave Hamilton, OH 45011, USA - Hamilton
    red g8 blacked out windows licence plate GBT 2842 selling herion and ice on see Ave